Amboy News | Subtle working agreement with the local wrestling club

SUBLET — The Village of Sublette is preparing a contract for the Clipper Wrestling Club to use the Ellice Dinges Center for training starting this fall.

Clipper Wrestling Club’s Brent Montavon and Jennifer Phelps attended the Sublette Village monthly board meeting on Monday, March 14 at the Ellice Dinges Center. Sublette’s board of directors have studied the possibility of the club renting the EDC for training. All Board members were present except Trustee Jeff Myers.

Montavon told the board that the club was looking for a training location. He said the season starts on November 1 and ends in March. He said the club were looking to use the EDC four nights a week for training, with training sessions lasting an average of one and a half to two hours. He said they can use Amboy High School for free, but if the school is closed for any reason, they cannot use the facilities.

He added that the Mendota wrestling club had closed, so he was trying to find a central location where wrestlers from the area could gather to train. He said the goal is to develop the wrestling program.

He proposed that the club pay the village $2,000 for rental costs and $400 for mat storage costs. Mats are currently housed at Amboy Junior High.

Phelps said the club has its own insurance and the wrestlers’ parents will sign waivers so the village is not responsible for injuries.

The board members expressed their agreement with the terms presented and asked for time to fine-tune the club’s rental agreement.

Heartland Cable

Jim Frances of Heartland Cable Broadband spoke to the council about the services offered by Heartland Cable to residents of Sublette. Frances was invited to speak to the board because another company, Surf Broadband Solutions, approached the village to install fiber optic internet in Sublette.

Frances told the council that Heartland had over 22,000 feet of cable in the village. He added that there are currently 95 Internet customers and 80 TV customers. He said he could sell his customers a plan of up to 500MB, adding that he had two customers who were doing 100MB. Frances said the cost for 10MB is $39.99, 25MB is $49.99, 50MB is $75, and 100MB is $100 per month.

He also told the board that if fiber was installed, it would likely be 100% underground.

Stenzel mentioned that if the village ever established its own sewage system and had to run sewer lines to all residents, now would be the time to run fiber lines.

Stenzel asked the board what they wanted to do about Surf Broadband. Village administrator Julie Kessel said council should wait to do anything. Village administrator Larry Ellis said the village should have nothing to do with the company. Stenzel recommended leaving the discussion open for another month.

In other board news:

• The village has set Saturday, April 23 as the annual village clean-up day. Sign-up sheets will be available at the Post Office and Bonnell’s General Store.

• Garbage rates went from $11.54 per month to $12 per month on March 1st.

The next meeting of the Village Sublette Board of Directors will be held on Monday, April 11 at 7 p.m. at the Ellice Dinges Center.