Applications open for the TT Club Innovation in Safety Award 2022

ICHCA International, the global cargo handling association, today launched the TT Club Innovation in Safety Award 2022 inviting entrants to submit details of their innovations by November 11, 2022. The award, which is open to a person, team or company involved in freight logistics has seen the prestige associated with winning or being highly recommended grow year on year. Past winners have ranged from individual contractors and specialist suppliers to teams of employees from large companies in the sector. Entrants are required to show that a product, idea, solution, process, scheme or other innovation has resulted in a demonstrable improvement in safety.

Details on how to submit entries and judging criteria can be found here.

Both ICHCA and the TT Club have a fundamental commitment to reducing risk throughout the freight supply chain. The promotion of safety advice and best practices is central to the philosophy of both organizations and the award reflects this commitment. As such, the award and consequent profiling of the innovations offered by its enthusiastic participants, is at the heart of both organizations’ efforts to support continuous safety improvement. They will continue to provide opportunities to showcase winners and other entrants, hosting Safety Villages at industry forums and other live or virtual events. The range of safety information and guidance documents produced by these two organizations, from white papers to webinars and advisories to checklists, can be found on their respective websites.

TT’s Director of Risk Management, Peregrine Storrs-Fox, has supported the award since its inception in 2016: “In TT’s role as a specialist provider of insurance products and risk management services to the supply chain industry, we have always emphasized the critical nature of loss prevention. Encouraging security awareness and advising on effective risk mitigation is central to the Club’s business ethics,” he says.

“TT is therefore proud to have worked closely with ICHCA for a number of years, both in delivering this award and in urging all parties from IMO and national governments to businesses to transport, intermediaries and freight packers, storage facilities and handlers to constantly adopt and improve best practice systems and procedures.We look forward to celebrating the wealth of safety innovation that will once again be drawn to this price.

In recent years, submissions to the awards program have ranged from bulk cargo handling to securing containers and their cargoes; safety reports and education in the proper handling of hazardous materials; from environmental monitoring to fire detection and suppression. The 2021 award went to VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S for its HydroPen system designed to fight container fires on board. HydroPen recently secured a major contract to supply the entire Maersk fleet, gaining ground in ensuring global vessel safety.

Among those highly commended in this latest award were PSA International for its video analytics solution to prevent terminal collisions and Cargotec’s innovation to inspect containers from below, safely and efficiently identifying any damage. and making sure they are free from any invasive parasites.

Richard Steele, CEO of ICHCA, comments: “One of the main benefits of the award is that we make available to others the innovative work done by participating organisations. Together with our partner TT, we strive to achieve this by publishing a summary of all entries and helping innovators spread their knowledge through webinars and safety villages at industry expos. »

“At ICHCA, we believe that safety is the partner of efficiency, not its opposite. A well-managed safety-conscious organization is an efficient and sustainable organization. Accidents cost lives, money and reputation. We challenge ourselves and our industry to move forward safely. We are proud of the innovation our industry has achieved and we want to celebrate these achievements in the future.

The awards ceremony will take place in February 2023, where the winners will be announced, the shortlisted individuals will present their applications and innovation will once again be celebrated.
Sources: TT Club, ICHCA International