Bainbridge Lion’s Club contributes to local service groups – The Post-Searchlight

The Bainbridge Lions are pleased to provide financial support to two groups serving the citizens of Decatur County. At a recent club meeting, Josh Paske told the Lions about the day camp program offered by Friendship House. For eight weeks, Decatur County students can enjoy lunch, arts and crafts, and typical day camp activities, all at no cost. Transportation is provided, along with additional special activities. For example, the annual trip to the beach is a favorite.

Although the safe environment is provided as necessary and essential, a higher goal of the program is to maintain a constant atmosphere of basic respect. It is the foundation of relationships that foster growth and success. Many campers have little opportunity to be exposed to the things that are seen and done on field trips, and some of the children who participate in the program benefit greatly from the experience in contrast to their normal surroundings.

Campers will be involved, again this year, with a program that provides new socks and a new pair of shoes for each camper – just before the start of the school year! About two dozen young people are expected to take advantage of the Friendship House summer camp program in 2022.

The Lions Club’s recent contribution supports the Friendship House summer program. Friendship House continues to provide residential services as well as job training and opportunities for displaced women, as it has done for 32 years.

The Bainbridge Lions also support the Decatur County Fire and Rescue Team as they provide emergency response services to county residents. Recently, Deputy Chief Jamie Earp spoke to Lions about the many and varied situations that require trained people to handle troublesome incidents, ranging from fires to boat rescues and beyond. Recognizing that certain situations can put responders at risk, the Lions have chosen to contribute financially towards the purchase of another of the vests worn for personal protection.

The Bainbridge Lions are delighted to have the opportunity to serve the community by participating in these efforts.

Additionally, the Lions are responding to information provided recently by Deputy Chief Jamie Earp of the Decatur County Fire and Rescue Department.