Best concerts in Phoenix this weekend: club advantage Placebo, Badfish, Funtcase

Boosters of the Phoenix music scene, this weekend gives you the chance to support worthy local artists and projects. On Friday night, Valley independent label Hookwoom Records will celebrate the release of their very first EP, which features bands like Paper Foxes, Shovel and the Psychedelephants. The following evening, local old school punks will gather at the Crescent Ballroom to benefit Club Placebo, a gallery, venue, and “living archive” aimed at preserving the stage’s history.

Infamous CUPCAKE Local Dance Party! Also returns from the dead this weekend to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a night of bizarre fun and hedonistic excess at the Rebel Lounge.

Other notable shows and music events take place in the city from Friday January 7 through Sunday January 9, including concerts by tribute band Sublime Badfish, masked DJ / producer Funtcase, and duo EDM Dada Life.

Keep in mind, however, that the ultra-contagious Omicron variant of COVID-19 is spread like wildfire right now. Most local concert halls require proof of vaccination or a recent negative test to attend performances, and may also require masks or face coverings. Visit each event’s ticketing pages for more information.

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Badfish sets sail for the Marquee Theater on Friday.

Michael J. Media Group

Badfish at the Marquee Theater

Bradley Nowell died of a drug overdose in 1996, but his band’s music remains beloved more than a quarter of a century later. About six million people still listen to Sublime on Spotify every month, keeping the funky ska / punk / reggae / rock sound of the Long Beach trio alive and long after Nowell’s tragic passing. Fans can see Badfish – one of Sublime’s most renowned cover groups – celebrate its 20th anniversary in honor of the late Nowell and his music on Friday, January 8 at the Marquee Theater, 730 North Mill Avenue in Tempe. The show is at 8 p.m. and admission is free. Matthieu keever

Click to enlarge Dada Life performing in the Valley in 2017. - BENJAMIN LEATHERMAN

Dada Life performing in the Valley in 2017.

Benjamin Cuirman

Dada’s life at the Sunbar

Dada Life has successfully built its own EDM kingdom, which can only be called Dada World, where the rhythms are huge and the favorite currency is the banana. As such, the theoretically Swedish duo provide a healthy dose of whimsy in a scene always about to take themselves too seriously, for which their fans have generously rewarded them. But all the monkey masks, banana costumes, and oversized champagne bottles would all be mush if Dada didn’t deliver where it counts, namely with plush electro jams played at the gills with puffy synths and their bass. patented “sausage fat”. This weekend, they will take control of the sound system at the Sunbar, 24 West Fifth Street, on Friday, January 7. Doors are at 9 p.m. and tickets are $ 20. Chris Gray

Click to enlarge Local independent group Paper Foxes.  - BRYANT REDD

Local independent group Paper Foxes.

Bryant redd

Hookworm One Record Show Last Live Out

Looking to get a taste of what’s good about the local indie rock scene? Head to Last Exit Live, 717 South Central Avenue, for the Hookworm one record show on Friday January 7. Independent label Hookworm Records debut is an EP featuring four songs from four Phoenix bands, all of which will perform on the show. Paper Foxes, The Psychedelephants, The Woodworks and Shovel are on the showcase program. Limited copies of the disc will also be available during the concert. Tickets are $ 15 and doors open at 7:30 p.m. Jennifer goldberg

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Masked DJ / Producer Funtcase.

Relentless beats

Funtcase at the Sunbar

English dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass producer FuntCase will land at Sunbar, 24 West Fifth Street in Tempe on Saturday, January 8, to deliver a heart-wrenching set at the local nightclub. Born James Hazell, FuntCase is best known for his signature mask, similar to the disguises Marshmallow and Daft Punk use to conceal their identities. Unlike the headgear of its peers, however, FuntCase’s mask resembles something from a Slipknot range. Either way, Hazell is guaranteed to scare off some good beats when he walks behind the bridge. Doors open at 8 p.m. and Voodreau, District13 and Dubcap will open. Admission is $ 22. José D. Duran

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Red and black were everywhere at the party.

Benjamin Cuirman

CUPCAKE! 10th anniversary at the Rebel Lounge

Fetish freaks and geeks of the Valley, your favorite dance party is back, but for one night only. Local DJs Betty Blackheart and Self.Destrukt bring their infamous CUPCAKE lascivious dance party! back from the dead on Saturday January 8 at the Rebel Lounge, 2303 East Indian School Road, for its 10th anniversary. If you’ve never had the chance to attend the monthly event in its first edition from 2012 to 2019 at the now defunct Rogue Bar in Scottsdale, every CUPCAKE! The evening offered a unique theme and an “anything goes” atmosphere mixing libations and libidinous hi-jinks. There were go-go girls, both fetish and other costumes, burlesque performers, grind performers, DJs spinning industrial rock and a crowd of colorful weirdos in attendance. Expect an equally sinful scene this weekend. The lineup will include sets from Plastic Disease, Baby Magick, II Kings, Vendettoli and others. Doors open at 8 p.m. and admission is $ 10. Benjamin Cuirman

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Tony “Tony Victor” Beram, co-founder of Placebo Records.

Jim Louvau

Club Placebo Benefit Show at the Crescent Ballroom

Phoenix’s’ 80s punk scene was marked by clubs, artists, and other artifacts from here and elsewhere, including Placebo Records. From around 1981 to 1990, Tony’s label “Tony Victor” Beram existed at the epicenter of the scene, promoting shows in Mad Gardens, playing music like JFA and Sun City Girls, and shaping the diverse and diverse music scene. dynamics of Phoenix over the past 40 years.

What better way to commemorate Placebo’s place in local history than with its own “museum” of sorts? The planned Placebo Club represents over a year of work by Beram and other artists, fans and historians to preserve the label’s history. With a building near downtown Phoenix, the proposed project promises to serve as a “gallery, performance / discussion board.” [space], and a living archive documenting all things Placebo Records and beyond. ”

A benefit show on Saturday January 8 at the Crescent Ballroom, 308 North Second Avenue, will help Beram and the company recruit volunteers, promote the space and raise future funding. The 21+ event starts at 4 p.m. and features sets from The Father Figures, No Volcano, The Gnomes, Fat Gray Cat and JJCnV. Tickets are $ 10 in advance and $ 12 at the door. Chris coplan