Board honors 75th anniversary of Los Alamos Garden Club

Los Alamos Garden Club Representatives Joyce Zaugg, left, and Kersti Rock, right, and Los Alamos County Councilman Denise Derkacs hold up a proclamation recognizing the 75th anniversary of the Los Alamos Garden Club. The proclamation was presented at Tuesday evening’s council meeting. Courtesy/BAC

County News:

The Los Alamos County Council issued a proclamation at Tuesday night’s meeting recognizing the 75th anniversary of the Los Alamos Garden Club.

Councilor Denise Derkacs read the proclamation:

WHEREAS this year marks the 75th anniversary of the Los Alamos Garden Club; and

WHEREAS, over the years, members of the Los Alamos Garden Club have exchanged knowledge and experience with others to master gardening techniques in the harsh conditions of Los Alamos, held several large flower shows, and published a book , “High Altitude Gardening”, in 1967; and

WHEREAS, after receiving a parcel of land in 1956 from the Zia Parks Department, members of the Los Alamos Garden Club landscaped the area, planting 56 rose bushes which were purchased with proceeds from its annual plant sales; and

WHEREAS, This Rose Garden quickly outgrew its original space and in 1958 was moved to its present location adjacent to Fuller Lodge and is now the oldest public Rose Garden in the State of New Mexico, operated and maintained in service by members of the gardening club; and

WHEREAS, The Los Alamos Garden Club is also responsible for various projects throughout the community, including the installation of a memorial to Enrico Fermi, a birdbath in memory of Ernest Lang, Sr., a sundial solar in memory of William Strickfadden, an arbor in memory of Norma and Robert Lanter, a fountain created by Hans Van de Bovenkamp, ​​the Blue Star Memorial Byway marker honoring the armed forces, the memorial for the fallen workers of the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the issuance of annual high school scholarships and science fair awards; and

WHEREAS the long history of the Los Alamos Garden Club is documented in beautiful yearbooks, each lovingly decorated and illustrated by club historians. These albums are kept in the archives of the Historical Society.

NOW, THEREFORE, on behalf of the Incorporated County Council of Los Alamos, I hereby acknowledge and express my gratitude to the


and recognize that as a community we benefit immensely from his many contributions that beautify our neighborhoods with gardens that give us a sense of peace, well-being and joy.