Bulls must act quickly to survive

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Australian football fans are wondering when the Macarthur Bulls farce will ever end.

The Bulls were seated at the top of the ladder but still drew under 1,500 tonight at Campbelltown Stadium for a derby match against Sydney FC.

As the Bulls announced a crowd of 4,800, the ground box office confirmed that fewer than 1,500 fans were in attendance, including members.

The crowd at the Jets game was also below 1,000, as the Bulls announced 2,600.

The only thing that stands out from Macarthur are their prices. Tonight’s cheapest junior tickets were close to $ 30, while the cheapest family tickets were $ 92.50 (two adults and two juniors).

Charging such prices for post-Christmas games over the course of a COVID year is ludicrous and stinks of a club desperately looking to recoup every dollar it can.

To add to the laughter, the club’s engagement on social networks borders on a farce. There is little to no engagement on Twitter, while the club’s presence on Facebook is minimal to say the least.

With the loss of the club’s star players in the offseason and the rumor that coach Ante Milicic is leaving for an overseas opportunity, the ability to attract players in the future is going to be difficult.

While Paramount +, the streaming service hired by the APL, hasn’t done much to generate interest, the Bulls themselves haven’t done much to engage with the community.

With COVID a major issue, it’s somewhat understandable, but the club has been around for three years now. There is little interest from South West Sydney for the club to even exist.

The Bulls have not disclosed the membership numbers for the two seasons they exist, a sign they have something to hide.

While Macarthur has owners with full pockets, one has to wonder how long they will continue to fund this operation.

Macarthur is home to more than 10,000 footballers. The region is one of the most dynamic in Australia, but the club have struggled to harness that potential – and while COVID is a practical excuse, it won’t work forever.

The Bulls need to make some moves, quickly. With a potential second national division to come and the PLA looking to expand, governing authorities must wonder how long they will survive.