Buy Rare Laser Eyes Bored Ape Yacht Club Stock for $ 7: Here’s How

For many investors and collectors of non-fungible tokens, a Bored Monkey Yacht Club may be out of reach with its rising valuation. Through a fractional ownership company, investors can buy shares of a new and rare Bored Ape for $ 7 a share. Here are the details.

What happened: Fractional investment platform Rally route is launch its most recent NFT offering on December 31st. Offer is for Bored Ape Yacht Club # 4612, a rare laser eyed monkey.

Rally offers 100,000 shares at $ 7 each, valuing the NFT at $ 700,000 or 187.3 Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) at the time of writing.

The traits of Bored monkey # 4612 are:

  • Laser eyes (0.69% of monkeys)
  • Horns (3%)
  • T black (3%)
  • Stunned mouth (5%)
  • Golden brown fur (8%)
  • Yellow background (13%)

Laser eyes are one of the rarer traits, with just 69 bored monkeys in total having the trait. The current floor price of Bored Apes with laser eyes is 135 ETH. The floor price on Bored Ape is 59 ETH at the time of writing.

Rarity tools ranks Ape # 4612 as the 1,512th rarest Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT.

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Why this is important: The Bored Ape will likely be launched at a premium over its valuation in Ethereum thanks to the fractional nature and access to everyday investors at a lower price.

The NFTs on Rally Rd have all run out of funding and those that have had trading windows have seen strong demand and prices rise. Assets on the platform are typically blocked for 30 days after funding.

Rally offered shares of CryptoPunk # 9670 for $ 10 each and below the floor price. Assets are now up 260% since trading on the platform, valued at $ 264,600. Rally offered two additional CryptoPunks valued at $ 642,000 and $ 600,000 which were fully funded and did not start trading.

Rally also offered two Meebit NFTs which sold out.

Earlier this year, Rally offered Bored Ape yachts # 7359 and # 9159, which sold for valuations of $ 190,000 and $ 195,000, respectively. Bored Ape # 601 was offered at $ 10 a share and has seen its valuation increase 200% to $ 30 and a valuation of $ 493,350 since it began trading on the Rally secondary market.

More NFTs are likely to come to Rally.

“We never enter a space or try to follow a trend”, co-founder of Rally Rob petrozzo told Benzinga earlier this year of the long-term potential of NFTs.

Petrozzo said fractional investing gives collectors and investors access to the best NFT projects that may be out of reach.

NFTs have endured and proven themselves as “a true asset class and collector’s item,” Petrozzo added.

Photo courtesy of Rally Rd.