Can the son of Alberto Baillères acquire Club América?

He invested in Club América as a sponsor.

Alberto Bailleres was the fourth richest entrepreneur in Mexico, but died last week aged 90. His inheritance will be divided among the seven sons and daughters he had, and according to reports, one of them is interested in investing in Mexican football.

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In the past, Alejandro Baillères Gual is interested in Liga MX and football in generalas he invested in Liga MX as one of their sponsors, but is now consider acquiring a clubbecause he knows it’s a profitable business.

Baillères Gual is interested in the acquisition of Club America, one of the biggest and most renowned clubs in Mexico, a team in which he has already been part, given that he owns GNPan insurance company, who has sponsored Las Águilas in the past.

How much could Emilio Azcárraga ask for for Club América?

Although Emilio Azcarraga has not spoken of selling the team that has been in his family since his father acquired it in 1959, according to Forbes, Market value of Club America is currently in $200 million.

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