Carson City Rotary Club is looking for high school students for an overseas exchange program | Carson City Nevada News

Have you considered going to high school in a foreign country?

High school students who plan to spend their high school year abroad to learn and live in a foreign country should apply to the Carson City Rotary Club as soon as possible.

The application deadline is October 4. All students aged 15 ½ to 18 ½ at the time of departure are eligible.

Students will live with one or more host families in a foreign country, attend high school, while learning about the country, experiencing first-hand its culture, language, and history while representing the United States.

The countries available for exchange students are: France, Belgium, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina , Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand and more.

Rotary offers language programs to help the student learn the language before leaving. Rotary has been a leader in organizing student exchanges for over 30 years.

Each student has an advisor here in the United States as well as a local advisor in their country to guide them through their exchange. Safety and the assurance of a fully positive experience are the objectives of the exchange.

For more information, contact Peter Fishburn at or 775-232-2271.