Chinese government infiltration in this country is ‘overwhelming’, Xie tells Rotary Club of Aiken

Oct. 18 – In the opinion of Dr. Frank Xie, “the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration in the United States is overwhelming”.

And the influence of the Chinese government is also alarming in other parts of the world, he said at a meeting of the Rotary Club of Aiken Oct. 17 at Newberry Hall.

Xie is the John M. Olin Palmetto Professor of Business at USC Aiken.

The first reported outbreak of COVID-19 occurred in Wuhan, a city in China’s Hubei province.

One of the theories about the origin of the virus involves a lab leak.

“It’s my opinion, actually from what I understood, that it had everything to do with the Chinese military because the Chinese military had one of the floors where the virus leaked or came out. “, said Xie. “We don’t know if the virus was intentionally or accidentally released, but we do know the consequences of the virus spreading.”

China has also made it harder for the rest of the world to control the impact of COVID-19, Xie told the Rotary Club.

“When the pandemic started, there was a shortage of masks and other medical supplies,” he said. “The Chinese government had them. Many of these masks and supplies were made in China, and they used them to influence or coerce other governments.”

Xie also explained how China has infiltrated the US government, sports and entertainment industries, businesses and universities.

Funding for some movies comes from China, Xie said, and those sources “want to add it (propaganda) to the movies and change the endings or change the scripts to say something positive about the Chinese government.”

The Chinese Communist Party is also “paying to have its content (published) verbatim in American media, while Western media cannot even have a clear presence in China,” Xie said.

To learn more about the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration in this country, Xie recommended reading “Stealth War: How China Seized Control While the American Elite Slept,” a book by Ret. U.S. Air Force Brig. General Robert Spalding.