Chris Marsh can’t wait for Walsall fans to ‘get our club back’

SPORT Walsall FC hold a press conference after announcing that the club has been taken over by US company Trivela Group. Pictured, left, are Benjamin Boycott and Leigh Pomlett

The Saddlers’ long-running process of paying rent to a pension fund, of which former owner Jeff Bonser is a beneficiary, is about to come to an end.

Trivela Group, which became majority owner last month, has pledged to buy Bescot within two years and end the deal which currently sees them paying £500,000 a year for the stadium. Marsh says that day can’t come soon enough.

“Getting full ownership is key. I’m not an expert, but when you buy a football club you want to have the stadium,” said Marsh, who played more than 470 times for Walsall.

“This has been dragging on for ages and it’s time it was settled once and for all.

“The news that they will fix the problem is welcome.

“When you’re beholden to this strategy, the sooner you can secure full ownership, the better.

“I speak as a fan and as soon as this full ownership is settled we will feel like we have our club back.

“That’s the key. Do it fast and the club can really move forward.

“My message would be forget two years, two weeks will be enough! Let’s do it, then the supporters can get their club back and you can move on.

“Whatever you think of the era and what Jeff Bonser did, everyone has their own opinion, but the sooner it happens the better.”

Marsh hopes the takeover of Trivela can bring about better times and allow Michael Flynn to succeed as boss.

“Michael came in last year and stabilized the ship, and he’ll want to keep going,” Marsh added.

“He has proven himself. It was a good date for me, and the fact that he made so many signings shows you that we had to change.

“He can’t come and do it overnight, but he seems to have a good squad and they’ll be looking to have a good pre-season.

“As soon as this season starts we’ll see what they can do, but it’s a good date.

“It’s like a fresh start and it’s good to be a Walsall fan right now.

“I hope it will be a good start to the season.

“He’s proven himself and it will be full steam ahead, hopefully.”