Coffs Harbor and District Sporting Car Club launch first event of 2022 – News Of The Area

Bob Carle’s granddaughter Elsie Martin, 12, will make her driving debut at Khanacross.

Coffs Harbor and the District Sporting Car Club kick off 2022 with their first event of the year at Raleigh Raceway on Sunday February 13 from 8am.

The Khanacross Invitational event is a pre-set track where participants maneuver through a series of flags where the goal is to drive with control, as opposed to driving fast and making mistakes.

Bob Carle, chairman of the Coffs Coast Festival of MotorSport, told News Of The Area the event has universal appeal and is open to juniors aged 12 and up.

“We want to invite some of our older members to come back, young P plate drivers, young people interested in cars and juniors, men or women, mums, dads, grandmothers and poppies – anyone who wants to have a fun safe in their car.

“Juniors can race in this type of event from the age of twelve.

“It’s where your child learns to drive, not how to get a licence, there’s a huge difference.

The Car Club has its own car for the Juniors to compete in, a Suzuki Alto, which will be available to them for use on the day at no extra cost.

“Parents are allowed to accompany the juniors or a member of the Car Club can accompany them to instruct and advise the children while completing the particular discipline,” Mr Carle said.

“Participants learn to start, stop and ride with plenty of space in a paddock to make mistakes and see what they did wrong.

“By the time they hit the road, they have a much better idea of ​​what it’s like to drive and it improves their driving ability.”

Mr Carle said the skills learned at the event could save lives as drivers were briefed on what to do in an emergency.

“It’s not just for 12 to 16 year olds but also for 18 to 20 year olds and up, my granddaughter Elsie Martin is 12 and will be driving for the first time,” Carle said.

While the Coffs coast has produced winning drivers, the club promotes improved driving skills to make driving safer, as Carle explained.

“Over the years, many Juniors have learned to drive and achieved greater driving feats.

“Nathan Quinn, one of our motor club’s juniors, is an outstanding example, making him a champion rally driver from Australia.

“This invitation to the Juniors is not to make them racing drivers but to teach them total control of their car in the event of an emergency.

“Parents will see advanced juniors controlling their car better than many of them can.

“We invite families to join us, many mothers competed against their husbands and children, having a great family day.

“This competition is not hard on the cars, although it can be, (but) the family car can be used.

“We compete for a great day individually or as a family.

“There are no sheep stations up for grabs here, just have lots of fun.

“Anyone who wants to try, adults to juniors and all ages are welcome, you can join the club for the day to try, there will be plenty of help.

“These events are run under Motorsport Australia [CAMS] insurance rules and regulations, there will be members and officials to ensure the event is run as safely as possible, we are here to have fun in our motor cars.

“Anyone wishing to try will need to join the Car Club, a day license will be available plus an entry fee of $15 for Juniors up to 16 and $35 for Adults.

“The event will be under strict Covid rules, so bring all necessary food and drink, the club will have drinks for sale but not our usual BBQ,” Carle concluded.

Any inquiries can be directed to Bob Carle on 0411727255.

By David Wigley