Comedian Don Barnhart adds additional shows to The Jokers Comedy Club

Due to overwhelming demand, the comedian Don Barhart and co-producer Pete Housley are adding additional shows at The Jokesters Comedy Club to meet growing demand from tourists visiting Las Vegas.

“If you like quick-witted comedy and hilarious storylines, you’ll love this Dry Bar Comedy Special from Don Barhart.” Although Don BarhartThe Dry Bar Special by is family friendly and safe for all audiences when Barnhart takes the stage, he doesn’t hold back and takes the audience to a whole new level.

The comedian explained: “Politicians say horrible and racist things and when people get mad they claim it was a joke but when a comedian makes a joke and someone doesn’t like it they protest and want this comedian’s head on a stick. We follow Netflix’s sentiment as we have a huge range of different styles of comedians and support their artistic freedoms, so if you can’t give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to humor , then maybe a comedy club isn’t for you.”

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman recently praised the comedian and producer Don Barhart during his 1000th show, proclaiming it Jokers Day in Las Vegas, “Special thanks go to Don Barhart and all performers to entertain residents and visitors. Please keep the laughs as we offer our best wishes for the next 1,000 shows and beyond.”

Located at the Alexis Park All-Suite Resort, The Jokesters Comedy Club features some of today’s funniest touring comedians, as well as emerging comedy stars and famous faces seen on Comedy Central, Netflix, Amazon. The shows take place from Friday to Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

The Alexis Park Kitchen is now open so guests can grab a nice meal or snacks before or after the shows in the Pegasus Lounge.

For tickets/more information, please visit Pranksters Comedy Club