Councilor ‘delighted’ to support Llandrindod Women’s Football Club

A Powys councilor said he was delighted to receive a community funding grant application from ‘thriving’ Llandrindod Women’s Football Club before donating money to help provide kits.

Jake Berriman, the councilor for Llandrindod Wells North, has donated £100 to the Llandrindod Wells Junior Girls Football Club to make it even more accessible and to help provide football kits to residents of the North Quarter.

The Liberal Democrat presented the check to head coach Julie Christopher on Wednesday evening, Jan. 19, where he said the atmosphere was “fun and lively.”

He said: ‘I was delighted to receive an application for my Llandrindod North Community Grant Fund from the thriving Llandrindod Women’s Football Club, which has over 120 members aged between 5 and 16, including many youngsters. talent from the north of the city.

“The girls are seen here during their weekly training session at Ysgol Calon Cymru’s all-weather ground, preparing for the monthly football festivals held here in the city and at other Powys clubs each month.

“The atmosphere at the club tonight was fun and lively and it was nice to see so many young people having fun playing sports.

“The club offers the girls the opportunity to train together and receive appropriate coaching to bring out the best in themselves.

“All the girls pay subscriptions, but these are kept as low as possible to ensure that as many girls as possible can access the club.

“When playing matches the girls wear the smart team kit which they provide for each other at a cost of £20 but it is a one off payment which means the girls can change their kit to the larger size if necessary.

“Although the club tries to help low-income families, the £100 I donate from my grant fund will help make the club even more accessible or be used to help provide a kit for residents of the North Quarter. I wish the girls and the club much success in the future.

The club is part of Llandrindod Wells Football Club which offers different teams for players of different levels and ages.

Based on Lant Avenue in the spa town, the football club is a popular feature of Llandrindod Wells with most residents.