Country “Is In Identity Crisis,” Says State AG at the Rotary Club of Sand Springs | News

O’Connor said that a country based on God is not a country in which “everyone is forced to believe the same. This means that we recognize that there is a God who has values ​​and endows or imbues us with those values ​​which are not bestowed on us by the government, they are bestowed on us by God.

The third big problem, he said, is whether the country will have “a system of free enterprise, a system based on capitalism, against socialism.”

“Nowhere has communism-slash-socialism proven to be achievable,” he said. “There is no such thing as efficient, successful and ideal communism or socialism. “

O’Connor said the country needs to determine its position on these issues, but that “from my point of view we need to speak out very vigorously in favor of our individual rights and freedoms, in favor of a country based on God, … (And), we need to keep our free enterprise system and not slide into more government support. “

“And you all know there are a growing number of people who are part of some kind of chain of support,” he said. “And I think it’s unfortunate, and they probably do too.”

Turning his attention to the Supreme Court and Friday’s oral arguments over the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine warrants for private sector employees and healthcare workers, O’Connor said he “is grim to force people to get vaccinated, but if they don’t, then they lose their jobs.