Cryptocurrency Elon’s Marvin (MARVIN) Sponsors Cluj Romania Rugby Club With New Apparel

Marvin d’Elon (MARVIN)

Launched on October 10, 2021 and powered by the Binance smart chain and the Ethereum network, is a meme coin inspired by Elon Musk’s dog, Marvin. There are other tokens named after Musk’s dogs, namely Floki Inu (FLOKI), whose price in September soared more than 1,000% after the businessman posted a photo of his puppy. The $MARVIN token hopes to follow in the footsteps of its canine brother and become a top cryptocurrency in the meme space.

Previous reports revealed that MARVIN was the number 1 gainer on popular cryptocurrency websites and for several days after surging over 4,000%. Recently, NFTs have been launched, with part of the profits going to charity. Along with the recent rugby sponsorship in Cluj and the continued development of the token. For example, NFTs are set to be used in an upcoming Play to Earn (P2E) game that the Marvin team plans to release later this year.

Rugby club in Romania

Cluj is a sports club for children that wants to provide them with a healthy lifestyle through sport. Integrity, respect, solidarity, passion and discipline are the values ​​that guide rugby and, at the same time, the values ​​in which Cluj wants to educate them. In 2019 – 2020 Cluj 1st team played in the CEC Bank Rugby Super League final which was broadcast live on national TV in Romania.

Cluj: “We offer children the opportunity to make new friends, to discover the country through regional and national tournaments, to become more independent, to get acquainted with the spirit of fair play and at the same time to present a way to spend free time, other than on phones and PCs, in a much healthier and at the same time very attractive way.

Cluj values ​​correspond to MARVIN values. The MARVIN team has therefore chosen to support Cluj as a club with new clothing for the U16 – U17 – U18 teams, these teams come out in the youth league.

International press promotion will be deployed to draw attention to MARVIN’s sponsorship in Cluj, including a social media campaign.

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