Dewsbury and Batley Cycling Club set to open orphanage in Lebanon for Syrian children

Earlier this year, cyclists from the Pedlaz Cycling Club – which is based in Dewsbury and Batley – undertook a challenging 70-mile cycle ride from Dewsbury to York and back to raise £25,000 towards running costs for the orphanage in Lebanon for a year.

Now, six months after the bike ride, the cyclists will travel to Lebanon on October 15, for the opening of the orphanage which will provide refugees from the Syrian conflict and children without family support with a safe place to live, an education basics and health care. care.

The project came about following a visit to Lebanon by one of the group’s volunteers, who visited the orphan support project with the World Care Foundation.

Fundraisers cycled from Dewsbury to York and back to help support the Lebanon Orphanage earlier this year

After the “first hand” report from the volunteer, the cyclists of Pedlaz decided to organize the fundraiser with the aim of financing their own orphanage.

Pedlaz founder Imtiaz Sayed said, “When we heard first-hand reports of the great need on the ground, we were all united in wanting to fundraise and adopt an orphanage.

‘It is with great joy that we announce that we have reached our goal of £25,000 and the orphanage will open soon’

Yasin Lorgat, committee member, said: “We are so grateful to all the cyclists, donors, support teams and sponsors for their continued support without them that it would be impossible to carry out these projects.

The group travels to Lebanon on October 15 to open the orphanage.

“These people give us the courage to start and continue these projects and the generosity of people with their time and money is humbling.”

While in Lebanon, the group will also distribute food and fuel parcels in refugee camps alongside the World Care Foundation.

Shoaib, who helps run the World Care Foundation’s Dewsbury office, said: “The need for donations to help refugees in Lebanon from the Syrian conflict is year-round, but it is particularly important as we approach the months of he winter when warm clothes and fuel for stoves is increasingly needed as so many people face another winter under tarpaulin.

The Pedlaz Cycling Club regularly organizes charity bike rides for various causes throughout the year, raising funds for worthy causes while enjoying their passion for cycling.

The bike ride raised £25,000 to support an orphanage in Lebanon.

The group also offers regular rides for men and women of all skill levels.

Javed Fadal, one of the founding members of the club, said: “As you get older it becomes more and more difficult to stay fit and healthy as the gym is not for everyone.

“Cycling combines the best of an enjoyable social event as well as working on our physical condition.

“Our goal when creating the group was to make cycling for physical and mental health accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

The group regularly organizes numerous bike rides and charity events.

“From the beginning, we have always said that we must combine an element of social responsibility and charity. This is why we will maintain regular cycling challenges to raise funds for those less fortunate.

“Anyone wishing to join us on our regular outings or would like details on future events can follow us on social media @pedlazcc.”

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