Diplo completes half marathon then heads straight to the club

Diplo completes half marathon without training and then heads straight to the club

We already knew Diploma was a man of many talents, but this latest adventure just might put him in a class of his own. Last weekend, the global superstar made headlines as he proved his versatility by taking part in the Miami Half Marathonwithout training, notice, then immediately go straight to the club.

Diplo posted on his Instagram a reel of him all day. He said his friends bet him he couldn’t run a half marathon without training. Not only did he complete the 13.1 mile runbut he also finished it with a time of 1:50:11. He finished with an average pace of 8 minutes and 24 seconds per mile, very impressive without practice. Out of 9,824 runners, he finished in 1,260th place. So it’s safe to say he won the bet by a wide margin. However, since most would choose to recover after running an event such as the half marathon, Diplo didn’t want the game to stop. The Grammy-winning DJ headed straight for Space Club Miami to celebrate his victory. The video shows Diplo showing off his medal in the club while wearing his bib while fist-pumping everyone there.

“[I] I had to let everyone know that I was running marathons now. – Diplo jokes about his reel

Diplo ended the reel by saying he was going to sleep in his medal that night, which is more than deserved. The only question that remains is where his half marathon medal will sit on the shelf of all his other incredible accomplishments in his career.

See the entire reel below.


Image credit: The Miami Marathon