Enjoy the latest music EPK template services by Music Promotion Club to attract more attention

The demand for graphic design services is increasing in the field of music promotion. A leading agency, Music Promotion Club offers music epk template services to empower everyone. The company also offers social media profile pictures at an affordable cost.

Nowadays, music promotion is not limited to audio promotion only, as visual impact also plays a vital role in promotion. Considering the need for musical artists of various genres, music promotion club offers the ultimate graphic design service which can empower everyone. Offering excellent design services, the agency helps every musical artist to attract more attention through visual impact. Offer attractive album covers, single covers or track images, custom banners featuring dazzling artwork and aesthetics; the company ensures that each illustration, cover and profile picture is able to attract more listeners’ attention and help them recognize the music artist. So, graphic design can also be a crucial element for brand recognition.

Music EPK Template

The agency offers superb music epk template services that help establish more professionalism with authentication. Music artists have to go through many aspects of marketing and PR in order to gain more organic popularity. What can further enhance the process is the Electronic Press Kit or EPK which helps in creating a positive impression through electronic media. This press kit is attractive, effective and can also be used at a nominal price system. The company only charged $59 for a 5-page EPK and $99 for a 10-page EPK. Such an affordable pricing system suits everyone’s budget, whether it’s an up-and-coming music artist or an established music mogul. The agency offers many options such as Music Press Kit, DJ Press Kit, Artist Press Kit, Band EPK Template, etc. Media kits include clickable links, embedded live videos, social media integration and many other eye-catching elements to grab more attention.

music promotion club is perhaps the first music promotion agency that sheds enough light on the graphic needs of music artists. Being one of the leading music promotion agencies, MPC has extensive knowledge of major music streaming platforms and is able to offer album, EP and single covers for each platform like Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music and YouTube. Customers can get the images in printable formats such as PDF, EPS, and even JPEG. The size of the images would be 1000 x 1000 pixels, a square format that fits all platforms. The agency also offers profile pictures for SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube for all music artists. It only costs $36 to design covers for album, EP and singles. Profile pictures will only cost an additional $10 for each platform. These affordable design packages are perfect for all types of musical artists.

Graphic design packages are more crucial for emerging and independent artists who want to gain exposure while standing out among the horde of musical artists. It’s best to hire design services before a track or album is released. Thus, the musical content can attract more attention during its live broadcast and can have a lasting impact on the listeners. The visual medium creates its impression in 1/10th of a second and its use can help generate more engagement in a short period of time. Take advantage of EPK and other graphic design services by music promotion club and witness a huge response upon release.

About the company

music promotion club is one of the leading music promotion agency in the market which does not master marketing and promotion, but also offers affordable graphic design services. With its intricate experience and knowledge, the agency has helped many up-and-coming music artists. To know their services in detail, visit them at https://musicpromotion.club/music-graphics.