Exciting new presentation opportunity for Pony Club members

An exciting new championship will be available to Pony Club members this year.

The Search for a Star Pony Club Championship will be held at Your Horse Live in November and will be an introduction to the show for members of all ages.

It will allow members, from lead rein to young adults, to learn the ring craft, participation and how to do it, then showcase those skills through the qualifications, to compete on the center stage of Your Horse Live.

“It’s a great opportunity for our members to learn about the show world, with a fabulous final at Your Horse Live in front of a great crowd,” said Pony Club CEO Marcus Capel. “I’m excited to empower our members to have different experiences with their horses and ponies and the Search for a Star series provides a fun and supportive structure to help them succeed.”

The Search for a Star Pony Club Championship will feature a lead rein and first ridden championship for children under 10 years old.

There will be an open class for older members which will be judged on suitability for all pony club activities, conformation, ride and temperament open to any type of horse or pony that is both athletic and decent enough to be a show horse.

Each of the five Search for a Star qualifying shows held across England, and for the first time in recent years, in Scotland, will include Pony Club classes.

“We are thrilled to offer this star finder opportunity to Pony Club members,” said Nicolina MacKenzie, Chief Marketing Officer at SEIB. “We have been keen for some time to offer courses for the youngest and to provide education, training and support.

“Older Pony Club riders are also welcome to take part in our qualifiers and in addition they can take part in the other Search for a Star classes – or even take part in the Racehorse to Riding Horse series. Showing teaches so many things that are relevant to other disciplines including participation, how to proceed and of course showing the horse or pony to a judge when they are not feeling the most cooperative, a very useful skill when producing a dressage test!

The new Star Search courses will be open to any horse or pony ridden by a Pony Club member. The animal must be athletic and able to do all Pony Club activities. The horse or pony will not be ridden by the judge but the competitor will be invited to put on a show. For each class, there will be a prize for the best rider.

SEIB Search for a Star judges and stewards will be on hand to assist and mentor competitors during qualifying competitions. In addition to this, Search for a Star has two “Weekender” events planned for 2022. These will include a practice day followed by a full qualifying show for the Horse of the Year Show and Your Horse Live, one in Scotland and one in England. .

“We are very proud and excited to continue to work closely with SEIB Insurance Brokers and to extend the Search for a Star Championships to Your Horse Live with the launch of The Pony Club Search for a Star,” added the Director of Your Horse Live event, Emma Bedford. “The Pony Club is an incredible institution that we are delighted to welcome to our stable and we look forward to welcoming the qualifiers to our 3,000 seat arena.”

In addition to the new Search for a Star Pony Club, Search for a Star Open Veteran Championship, and Search for a Star In-Hand Championship, most Search for a Star classes held in 2021 will take place; also with finals at Your Horse Live are mountain and moorland, open veteran horse or pony and part-bred traditional gypsy cob.

Looking for an all-star class with Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) finals includes; hacks, hunters, working ponies, working horses, riding horses, traditional gypsy cobs – of all colors, show cobs and the SEIB Racehorse to Riding Horse long finale.

After the HOYS Championships and Your Horse Live Search for a Star, 2022 sees the return of Riding for the Disabled (RDA) Search for a Star. Open to riders from RDA centers, this event will take place during the RDA Championships at Hartpury College in July.

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