Fearful Chelsea club cannot complete Premier League season under current government licensing terms following Roman Abramovich sanction

Chelsea are concerned that the club will not be able to complete the season under the current terms of their license, granted by the UK government after Roman Abramovich was sanctioned.

The club received a special license to continue its football-related activities, but the sale effectively prohibits the sale of the club after Abramovich’s sanction.

Chelsea’s special license takes effect from 10 March 2022 and expires 31 May 2022. HM Treasury may amend, revoke or suspend this license at any time and details have been disclosed.

However, according to Telegraph Football, Chelsea fear they will not be able to complete the season under the current terms of the license.

Chelsea have been banned from selling tickets for games, with only season ticket holders able to attend games until the end of the season.

In addition, the Club can no longer offer new contracts to players or engage in transfer activities and can no longer sell merchandise.

The report says Chelsea believe the club needs ticket sales to generate enough revenue to stay operational. while the £20,000 cap on travel would not have covered the cost of going to Norwich City in the Premier League on Thursday.

The Telegraph continues to state: “Chelsea have been told the cost of hosting a home game should not exceed £500,000, but the government have been told it costs between £800,000 and £1m to host a Premier game. League.”


Consequently, the Blues appealed to the government not to be able to provide security, stewardship and catering to certain areas of Stamford Bridge, leaving the only options to close part of the stadium.

Although the license is not expected to be changed in time for Sunday’s clash against Newcastle United, it could be changed in the future.

Matchday programs will not be on sale at Stamford Bridge as the megastore is closed until further notice.

Whether the government will change the license remains to be seen but it would make sense to reach out to Chelsea.

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