Club Inferno Wed, 28 Sep 2022 22:50:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Club Inferno 32 32 American Club Circular No. 26/22 – European Union (EU) Sanctions – Exception/Waiver Issued on Carriage of Certain Russian Cargoes, Including Coal and Fertilizers – Update Wed, 28 Sep 2022 22:42:08 +0000 2. Is the transfer of goods listed in Annexes XVII, XXI and XXII of Council Regulation 833/2014 by an EU company authorized when the goods are destined for a third country and do not transit through the territory of the Union? ?Last update: September 19, 2022
No. Articles 3g, 3i and 3j of Council Regulation 833/2014 prohibit the purchase, import or transfer, directly or indirectly, of the goods listed in Annexes XVII, XXI and XXII if they originate in Russia or are exported from Russia . The transfer ban applies regardless of the final destination of the goods, while the import ban applies by nature to goods circulating “in the Union”. Provided that the transfer falls within the scope of Article 13 of Council Regulation 833/2014, it does not matter whether the goods are destined for the EU or not. This supports the objective of the sanctions which is to significantly weaken Russia’s economic base, deprive it of critical markets for its products and significantly reduce its ability to wage war. Any other interpretation would render the ban largely devoid of purpose and create significant loopholes.
However, the Union is committed to preventing its sanctions from having an impact on the food and energy security of third countries in the world, in particular the least developed ones. In the light of this commitment, clearly set out in recitals 11 and 12 of Council Regulation 2022/1269, the transfer to third countries of certain goods listed in Annexes XXI and XXII should be authorized “to combat food and energy insecurity in the world”. and “in order to avoid any potential negative consequences” in third countries. This applies to the transfer to third countries, as well as financing or financial assistance related to this transfer, carried out by EU operators or via EU territory (including in transit) of following goods: ]]>
The UK P&I Club supports seafarers in crisis Wed, 28 Sep 2022 21:31:57 +0000

The UK P&I Club, a leading provider of P&I insurance and other services to the international maritime community, has once again demonstrated its commitment to the welfare of seafarers by funding the Response Network crises of the Sailors’ Society.

Announced ahead of World Maritime Day tomorrow (Thursday 29 September), the Club’s contribution will fund the costs of two trained crisis responders. They will provide vital advice and ongoing care to seafarers, their families and businesses following a traumatic incident such as abandonment, accident, ambush or natural disaster.

The maritime charity’s Sailors’ Society Crisis Response Network is a free service, run by 37 trained crisis responders around the world.

Patrick Ryan, Director of Sustainability and Head of Club Secretariat at the UK P&I Club, said: “The UK P&I Club is delighted to be working with the Sailors’ Society and contributing to this important service.

“While many efforts are made to prevent accidents and other traumatic events, and to care for the mental health of seafarers more generally, it is essential to ensure that appropriate support is in place. for seafarers if and when they need it. The Sailors’ Society’s Crisis Response Network provides seafarers with the support they may need, 24/7, all year round.

The service, which receives additional support from the TK Foundation and Seafarers’ Charity, has been running for seven years and also helps raise awareness of mental health, stress and trauma, as well as providing training in the prevention of suicide and coping techniques.

In 2021, the Crisis Response Network handled more than 100 cases helping nearly 1,000 seafarers, with piracy being the dominant problem. So far in 2022, the majority of cases are due to abandonment, bereavement, accidents and health issues.

Sara Baade, CEO of the Sailors’ Society, said, “We provide frontline trauma care, supporting the physical and mental recovery and rehabilitation of survivors, ultimately helping them reintegrate into their communities and return to their jobs. . Unfortunately, threats such as piracy, abandonment and accidents are a reality for sailors today, but the Sailors’ Society Crisis Response Network is there to help, whatever the crisis. .

“We are extremely grateful to the UK P&I Club for their generous support, enabling this vital service to be there for seafarers when they need it most.”

A recent case involved a second officer whose mental health had deteriorated and had suicidal thoughts as a result. The ship was not due to dock for at least a week and the crew were deeply concerned for their colleague. The Crisis Response Network was contacted and advised the officer and his crewmates until they arrived in port and could receive further assistance from local health authorities.
Source: P&I Club of the UK

Best place for a last date 2022 | Hustler Club by Larry Flynt | People and places Wed, 28 Sep 2022 21:21:34 +0000

State Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) went viral this spring as the recipient of a meteoric strikeout from fellow Rep. Ian Mackey (D-St. Louis County). The Missouri House was debating an amendment to an election bill that would prevent transgender women from playing on all-female teams.

Mackey told Basye that he was “afraid of people like you growing up. I grew up in Hickory County, Missouri. I grew up in a school district that would vote tomorrow to implement this. The impassioned speech went viral on TikTok and Twitter. Rather than take his tongue like a man, Basye tried to save face by releasing a statement calling Mackey a “big-mouthed whiner.” On Facebook, he wrote: “I think Ian is a man, but I will have to check some pronouns before I can certify!

When a Kansas City resident asked Basye about his homophobic language, the state representative doubled down. Basye phoned the resident and continued to say stupid nonsense about transgender people. “I don’t understand [transgender] people at all. Isn’t it great that they can live in America and do this stuff? Or if they were in Iran, North Korea or Russia, they would be slaughtered.

But we may have heard the latest from Basye, who is stepping down over term limits after eight years in the House. Even without a term limit, the former air traffic controller, who has already introduced a bill to make left turns on red lights legal, would face an uphill battle in his district, which has been redesigned to be more friendly to people. democrats. Good for Missouri, we say. —Rosalind Early

New owners plan modern twists for Eddie’s Supper Club – Superior Telegram Wed, 28 Sep 2022 00:02:00 +0000

SUPERIOR – Eddie’s Supper Club at 5221 E. Fourth St. is under new management. Ben and Mary Anderson took over the venerable Superior business, which dates back to the late 1880s, in August.

A sign one block from Eddie’s Supper Club displays the restaurant’s new logo on Friday, September 16.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram

In addition to world-famous ribs and traditional menu items, the couple plans to add lighter fare, more salads and sandwiches for dinner, even vegetarian options like a wild rice burger. The bar now serves a host of craft beers and specialty drinks. Shirts and other merchandise are available with Eddie’s new logo; even the billboards have been updated.

“It’s always been a supper club,” Ben said, but that’s changing over time. “For us, it’s a modern supper club.”

All but one of Eddie’s former employees remained during the transition; the Andersons hired more people, and currently the supper club employs 20. Their motto for the company is “Welcome to Eddie’s, where every flavor tells a story.”

From Solon Springs to NYC and back

Mary Anderson’s story began in Solon Springs and brought her to New York for restoration on TV and movie sets before returning to Northland. She checked off sets she had worked on, from “Sex and the City” to “30 Rock” and “Sesame Street.” She also honed her skills at restaurants in Brooklyn, Weehawken and Manhattan. Local diners may have tasted his cooking. at Aces on the 29th and Thirsty Pagan Brewing.

“I have 12 years of experience, from dishwasher to oyster shucker to manager and supervising our kitchen,” said Mary, whose maiden name was Pollock.

092722.N.ST.Eddies bar 1.JPG

New owners Mary and Ben Anderson stand behind the bar at Eddie’s Supper Club on Friday September 16.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram

She also has a long-standing connection with Eddie’s. His best friend growing up was the nephew of former owner Dina Ryan.

“Growing up, we always came here. He was always talking about Eddie. I’ve known that since I was 4 years old,” Mary said.

Plus, the Andersons are carrying on the Ryan family tradition. In addition to the couple, Mary’s mother has hired herself as a baker to prepare the desserts and Ben’s mother takes care of all the flowers.

“Everyone helped paint, so it’s pretty cool because our whole family was involved,” Mary Anderson said.

When she and her husband Ben considered buying their own restaurant, Eddie’s was one of two on their shortlist. They started talking to Ryan about buying the Superior supper club in February. They hoped to close on May 1, which marked Ryan’s 26th year at the helm of the company.

092722.N.ST.Eddie's building.JPG

Eddie’s Supper Club at 5221 E. Fourth St. in Superior, introduced Friday, Sept. 16, has changed ownership since August.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram

It took them until August 3 to sign the papers and realize their dream; they opened on August 12. The process involved getting help from the Entrepreneurs Fund and the Small Business Development Center as well as partnering with local lender Superior Choice Credit Union.

“A lot of people don’t think much of credit unions for business loans,” said Eric Anderson (no relation), commercial loan officer for the credit union.

He was able to secure off-the-beaten-track financing — a 7a loan from the Federal Small Business Association — to help the Andersons buy Eddie’s.

“This particular loan program really helps businesses like this where … borrowers are new. This reduces down payment requirements to 10% from vastly different figures if we were to. So that made the down payment realistic and it also gives the bank some security because we have an SBA guarantee,” Eric said.

092722.N.ST.Eddies exterior full.JPG

New owners Ben and Mary Anderson pose outside Eddie’s Supper Club, 5221 E. Fourth St., in Superior on Friday, September 16.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram

By lowering the down payment and making it easier for borrowers to post collateral, the federal loan helps level the playing field for entrepreneurs who don’t have a lot of cash on hand, he said.

Ben and Mary also recommended working with the Small Business Development Center and the Entrepreneur Fund, which offered expertise, help with a business plan and a loan.

Eddie’s Supper Club is currently open from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, with fish fries offered Thursday and Friday evenings. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are suggested, especially for Friday and Saturday meals. Visit the

Eddie’s Facebook page

for more information.

092722.N.ST.Eddie's interior.JPG

Half of the Eddie’s Supper Club building, including the bar featured on Friday, September 16, has been renovated since new owners Ben and Mary Anderson bought it.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram

UK Club builds on the strength of its regional offices with two appointments in Greece and Hong Kong Mon, 26 Sep 2022 21:56:11 +0000

The UK P&I Club, a leading provider of P&I insurance and other services to the international maritime community, has announced that Seán Geraghty will become the new regional manager for its Greek office in November, while Daniel Evans will leave Greece for London to focus on the continued development of the UK Defense Club.

Reporting to Managing Director Andrew Taylor, Seán Geraghty leaves the Hong Kong office where he served as Senior Claims Manager and Regional Union Manager of the UK Club since 2014.

Meanwhile, David Harley will join the UK Club’s Hong Kong office team at the end of September. Having previously worked for the Britannia in Hong Kong, he most recently worked for the North of England P&I Club, serving as Deputy Director and Head of the Hong Kong Office since 2020. He has over 25 years of experience managing a wide range of P&I and FDD claims, including those arising from accidents and charter-party litigation.

Daniel Evans, Regional Manager Greece, UK P&I Club, said: “It has been a privilege to be Regional Manager in Greece for the past eight years, but I am looking forward to returning to London to focus on development activities of the UK Defense Club. . I leave the Greek office in good hands. Seán is an accomplished professional with extensive expertise and experience in P&I and I am confident that the Club will maintain the provision of high levels of service to Club members.

Andrew Taylor, Managing Director of the UK P&I Club, said: “We welcome David Harley to the UK Club as he brings invaluable experience which will serve our members well. It is great to have Daniel back in our London office from where he can focus more on the management and development of the UK Defense Club and I am confident that Seán will continue Daniel’s outstanding work for the members served since our Greek office.
Source: P&I Club of the UK

Grants help Orillia Rowing Club get back on track (3 photos) Mon, 26 Sep 2022 16:00:00 +0000 “This grant will help us attract more rowers, old and new,” says club manager of $75,400 Ontario Trillium Foundation grant

On Friday, Simcoe North MPP Jill Dunlop stopped to meet with members of the Orillia Rowing Club to hear how two recent grants, totaling $87,700, have positively impacted its programs, operations and local rowers.

The most recent grant, a $75,400 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Resilient Communities Fund, was awarded in the spring and is being used to upgrade equipment, develop new programs and help cover marketing costs.

“I am thrilled that the Orillia Rowing Club has found such a positive benefit through their grants from the Ontario Trillium Foundation,” said Jill Dunlop, MPP for Simcoe North. “It’s local non-profit groups like you who are truly the backbone of our city. I hope this funding will continue to help you rebuild the club stronger than ever and continue your important contributions to the community.

The Resilient Communities Fund was created by OTF to help non-profit groups rebuild and recover from the impacts of COVID-19. In addition to two new boats the club was able to purchase, the OTF grant was used to purchase other essential supplies that help get more rowers on the water and train for its new rowing program. competition.

This help is making a difference as the Orillia Rowing Club gets back on track after two seasons of restricted programming and membership due to COVID-19.

“The impact of this grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation cannot be underestimated,” said Glorilyn Cabugao, President of the Orillia Rowing Club. “This grant will help us attract more rowers, both returning and new.

At the event, Club members also spoke about the impact of the $12,300 Community Development Fund grant, awarded in the fall of 2021 by the Government of Ontario and the OTF. The grant enabled the Club to hire a trainer in 2022, cover operating expenses, and purchase PPE and sanitizing supplies.

The Orillia Rowing Club aims to share the joy of rowing with teens and adults in the local community in a safe and fun environment. It promotes recreational and competitive rowing as a healthy lifelong activity, fostering athletic excellence and camaraderie while continuing the century-old tradition of rowing in Orillia. To view the wide variety of programs offered, please visit our website at:

The mission of the Ontario Trillium Foundation is to build healthy and vibrant communities across Ontario. As an agency of the Government of Ontario and one of Canada’s leading grant-making foundations, last year OTF invested nearly $209 million in 2,042 community projects and partnerships, including funding for the Government of Ontario Community Development Fund. Since 2020, OTF has been supporting


Fort Erie Conservation Club Fall Fair returns to Stevensville Sun, 25 Sep 2022 18:17:34 +0000
Ridgeway’s Joel and Allison Reinhardt tried their hand at painting birdhouses at the Fort Erie Conservation Club’s 2022 Fall Fair in Stevensville on Saturday.

He’s a blacksmith who made his living as a shoemaker in a town with a long history of horse racing, but Dave Murray’s talent for working with horseshoes was shown in a different way. at the 2022 Fort Erie Conservation Club Fall Fair on Saturday.

At one of the many vendor booths outside the club’s main building in Stevensville, Murray had horseshoe creations, including unique wine racks for sale.

The blacksmith, who worked at the Fort Erie racetrack paddock, said his new business Hoofprint Horseshoe Crafts started a few years ago when a lady called him asking if there was anything he could do as she saw on Pinterest, and that’s exactly what he did using horseshoes.

“That’s what started,” he said. “Now I get emails every day. There are hundreds of thousands of things you can craft with horseshoes.

Children including Joel and Allison Reinhardt from Ridgeway tried their hand at painting birdhouses at the event, while volunteers from the Bert Miller Nature Club put on an exhibit with molds of different animal tracks and guitarist Ken Musson entertained crowds with Elvis. ‘ ‘Don’t be Cruel’ and other hits from The King.

Inside the conservation club building, people chomped on handmade cabbage roll, vegetable and red pepper soup and giant sausages on a bun handed out by volunteers in the kitchen.

Club president Connie Charron said the return of the annual fall fair after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic has not been without its challenges.

“We’re happy to be back, but it’s hard to remember everything,” she said. “But we did it together. It’s good to see the turnout we have. »

]]> The surf club has a new home – Lifestyle News Sun, 25 Sep 2022 03:41:19 +0000 A procession to the new Karekare Surf Lifesaving Club clubhouse for the official opening. Photo / Sylvie Whinray

The Karekare Surf Lifesaving Club hosted an official inauguration of its facilities by the outgoing Mayor of Auckland, Phil Goff, and a blessing for their Pou Whenua sculpted by Mihaka Marikena, donated by Te Kawerau a Maki and friends this weekend.

“We are so happy to now be able to invite all the stakeholders who have been responsible for this great achievement to personally attend the opening of the club, and for us to be able to thank them properly for all their work and efforts to bring the project to fruition,” club chairman David Munro said ahead of the event.

Pita Turei speaks during the official opening of the Karekare Surf Lifesaving Club clubhouse.  Photo / Sylvie Whinray
Pita Turei speaks during the official opening of the Karekare Surf Lifesaving Club clubhouse. Photo / Sylvie Whinray

The new clubhouse took nearly 20 years to complete, with resource consent alone taking six years in total. The club was always happy that the consultation, planning and meetings were fully endorsed by the wider community, Tangata Whenua, the board and local funders every step of the way.

    Mihaka Marikena and the Pou Whenua he sculpted for the Karekare Surf Lifesaving Club.  Photo / Sylvie Whinray
Mihaka Marikena and the Pou Whenua he sculpted for the Karekare Surf Lifesaving Club. Photo / Sylvie Whinray

Funding for the project came from the council, Lotteries Commission, Waitakere and Portage Licensing Trusts, Foundation North, Grassroots Trust and NZCT, as well as private donations including UK filmmaker Jed FILEBy, who needed saved from the surf on a visit to the 1970s and a North Shore family who donated proceeds from the sale of a bike rack on the Trade Me auction site ($101.00 ).

Kaumatua Warahi Paki speaks to Auckland Mayor Phil Goff during the official opening on Saturday.  Photo / Sylvie Whinray
Kaumatua Warahi Paki speaks to Auckland Mayor Phil Goff during the official opening on Saturday. Photo / Sylvie Whinray

The club has been patrolling Karekare on Auckland’s west coast since 1935, with passionate members who have been there for life – from local family with three generations of active lifeguards to local celebrities like former Mayor of Waitakere, Sir Bob Harvey.

New members are always welcome, says Munro, who also hosted an open house for club members on Sunday.

Surf Lifesaving New Zealand saved over 500 lives in the 2020/21 season and Karekare regularly features in these statistics.

Munro has some advice for all potential swimmers – “Always swim between the flags”.

Carson City Rotary Club is looking for high school students for an overseas exchange program | Carson City Nevada News Sun, 25 Sep 2022 03:33:12 +0000

Have you considered going to high school in a foreign country?

High school students who plan to spend their high school year abroad to learn and live in a foreign country should apply to the Carson City Rotary Club as soon as possible.

The application deadline is October 4. All students aged 15 ½ to 18 ½ at the time of departure are eligible.

Students will live with one or more host families in a foreign country, attend high school, while learning about the country, experiencing first-hand its culture, language, and history while representing the United States.

The countries available for exchange students are: France, Belgium, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina , Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand and more.

Rotary offers language programs to help the student learn the language before leaving. Rotary has been a leader in organizing student exchanges for over 30 years.

Each student has an advisor here in the United States as well as a local advisor in their country to guide them through their exchange. Safety and the assurance of a fully positive experience are the objectives of the exchange.

For more information, contact Peter Fishburn at or 775-232-2271.

Crisis club Worcester voted to play Newcastle ahead of Premiership win Sat, 24 Sep 2022 18:40:29 +0000

Published on: Amended:

London (AFP) – Worcester director of rugby Steve Diamond has revealed his players voted on whether to continue with Saturday’s game against Newcastle before defeating the Falcons in what could be their last home game in the Premiership.

Worcester, saddled with debts of more than £25m ($28m, €28m), including an unpaid £6m tax bill, has until Monday to avoid the suspension of all the competitions.

But that will only happen if they can convince England’s ruling Rugby Football Union that they have the required insurance cover, the funds to cover salaries and a credible plan to end their financial crisis.

Despite all the off-field turmoil, Worcester were superb in a 39-5 rout of Newcastle at Sixways, with the Warriors on five tries thanks to wingers Alex Hearle and Duhan van der Merwe, scrum-half Gareth Simpson, substitute flanker Matt Kvesic and lock Joe Batley.

Fly-half Billy Searle scored the rest of Worcester’s points, with Newcastle managing just one early try from George McGuigan.

But with many Worcester players and staff not having received their full salaries for the month of August, Diamond felt it was only fair to ask them on Friday if they wanted to continue the game.

“We had a vote yesterday to play or not,” he explained. “It was virtually unanimous that we played.”

Diamond added: “I gave them the option not to play because it’s a big risk if we were to be suspended on Monday, but they told a man their loyalty to the club determined them to play.”

England’s Owen Farrell threw back-to-back conversions as Saracens came back late to beat Gloucester 41-39.

Saracens were 12 points behind with 10 minutes remaining at home before substitute hooker Tom Woolstencroft completed two tries on lineout drives.

But Sarries still needed both conversions to move forward.

England fly-half and center Farrell duly delivered, with the second of those kicks the final act of the game.

“I’m not sure we’d rather anyone else kick the ball. He’s done it time and time again,” said Saracens supremo Mark McCall. “He lives for those moments.”

Northampton manager Phil Dowson must have regretted his team’s lack of discipline after a 41-21 East Midlands derby defeat to Leicester.

Saints were twice 11 points clear but three players were then shown yellow cards as Leicester, dominating from the scrum, fought back.

“Pressure will lead to bad discipline, bad discipline will lead to punishment and I think I saw that today,” Dowson said.

Bristol remained unbeaten with a 40-36 victory over London Irish, the first time since 1999 that they have won their first three games of a Premiership season.

“We got off to a poor start at 10-0 but took a huge lead (26-10) at half-time,” said Bristol boss Pat Lam.

“I’m happy but not satisfied, although we got five points, which is the most important thing.”