Gainesville Saddle Club will host a fun show on Sunday

The Gainesville Saddle Club is having a fun show at 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 26 at the Gainesville Saddle Club grounds

The Saddle Club hosts the fun shows every fourth Sunday of the month, weather permitting. Everyone is invited to participate in the party, which offers a variety of events for different age groups.

Those who join the Gainesville Saddle Club ($10 per year for individual membership, $15 per year for family members living in the same household) pay only $2 per class or $12 for all classes compared at the non-member rate of $5 per class.

Classes include classes for children, youth and adults including foot trotting, country fun, egg and spoon, musical poles, pole bending and barrel racing. An open catalog race, tater race, ride-a-buck and ribbon race will also take place weather permitting.

Members can also qualify to earn points and ribbons; non-members are not. Everyone is invited to watch as a spectator.

The Gainesville Saddle Club Arena has ACRA Rodeo quality grounds. A cook’s hut is on site during the fun shows for those who attend to purchase food and drink.

To qualify for the year-end awards, entrants must attend at least four fun shows and log volunteer hours to help out with the fun shows.

The fun shows will continue every fourth Sunday of the month until September.

For more information on Saddle Club membership or attending a fun show, contact Kerrie Zubrod at 417-679-3321 or search “Gainesville Saddle Club – Gainesville MO” on Facebook.