Glacier Valley Rotary Club’s Annual Duck Raffle Returns

“Little Rubber Duck Silhouette” by Lisa Zins is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) — Richard Burns, considered the “master of the ducks,” spoke Thursday on Capital Chat about the upcoming duck draw.

The Rotary Club of Glacier Valley hosts the Duck Derby Raffle each year to help support their community service projects.

The first Donuts for Ducks will be held August 19 morning at Twin Lakes with Breeze-In Donuts.

Mayor Beth Weldon often attends, as she is a member of the Rotary Club.

The first prize is $5,000.

Second prize is $1,000 and two round-trip tickets to any Alaska Airlines flight.

The third prize is $1,500.

Prizes go up to 10th place.

Richard Burns spoke on Capital Chat with Angel Montgomery about how the fundraising money will help the Rotary Club of Glacier Valley.

“For the official dedication of the new pavilion at the Riverside Rotary Park. That’s one of the things it’s going to. It’s the 9/11 memorial. It’s things like the scholarships we do in the community. And it’s also things like the Rotary exchange where students can go and live abroad in other countries for a year. And we can host people from those countries here in our hometown. And it’s a great way to build relationships between different countries because often these kids who come here, come away with an entirely different view of what America is, they have a different view of what Alaska is “They have friends here that they went to school with. And sometimes those people become leaders within their own communities, which is fantastic for them. They have that kind of relationship and connection with us. C t is the biggest fundraiser of the year. On behalf of the Glacier Valley R otary, we thank the people of Juneau for supporting him.

Burns explained how the process works for new participants.

“What happens is you get your entry and then you get raffle ticket numbers assigned to you. So if you’re buying a quack pack or a waddle pack or even some companies go in buy a whole bunch and just give them to the staff whichever way you do it is what happens then we draw the winner so either the winner will be drawn or the winners will be drawn on September 10. They will be live right here on KINY and also on social media.”

The duck raffle has been in Juneau since 2007-08, Burns said.

In the past, a winner won with a single toss, and Burns says that shows anyone can win.

“It only takes one. If you think someday is my lucky day, go out and buy it that day. Don’t wait until the next day,” Burns said.

Winners will be drawn on September 10, live on KINY and other social media.

To buy ducks and enter the raffle, go to