He won’t stay at Chivas, Chofis Lopez has a new club in Liga MX

Eduardo López has already received a notification from the director of the Rebaño

After a brief stint in Major League Soccer, Eduardo “Chofis” López will no longer be with the San José Earthquakes. This was confirmed by the American team’s social networks. With his departure, Chofis is looking for a new club, but he must first return to Guadalajara where the doors would be completely closed and he would already have a new destination in Liga MX.

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According to journalist Jesús Hernández, in the program Los Campamentos he recognized that the Mexican midfielder was not in Ricardo Cadena’s plans, so Amaury Vergara must look for a new place for him and it could be on the Mexican border .

Eduardo López has already been informed by the director of Rebaño of the idea they have of his future. Chofis knows that the best solution for both is a possible sale, knowing that he has one year left on his contract. The Mexican already has a few offers from the local league but FC Juárez are the ones who are tempting the midfielder the most.

The figures of a possible sale of Chofis

According to ESPN, Chivas have already set a fixed price for Eduardo López. The board is asking for $5 million to be able to release the player freely. A sum that would unlock the arrival of the striker that Cadena and Vergara want so much for their team.

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