Homes of Glasgow Noah Mount Florida Bowling Club

A HOMES and Community Center plan has been unveiled for a former bowling club.

Glasgow-based Noah Developments has submitted a planning application to Glasgow City Council for the former Mount Florida Bowling Club.

The application involves the redevelopment of the site, owned by Noah, to provide “a multi-purpose landscaped community open space, remodeled community center” within the upgraded lodge building and a residential development of 32 one, two and three bedroom apartments. .

He said ownership of the proposed community facilities, occupying 50% of the entire site, will be transferred to a local community group, “allowing them a real opportunity to shape, own and control an important asset for the benefit of the community. of Mount Florida and thus avoid an uncertain future for the entire site”.

The former bowling club pavilion building will provide a flexible and versatile space that will be available to the local community. It will be able to accommodate a range of proposed community uses, such as parent and toddler groups, game nights, fitness classes, educational events, craft groups and a café. , said the promoter.

What the houses might look like.

The facility will be located in a large community open space, which will be easily accessible from the surrounding residential areas, and which can be used and adapted for a variety of uses such as yoga, active outdoor games, informal sports , relaxation areas, games for children. green spaces and community gardens.

The submitted proposals seek a “measured balance between limited quality residential development and guaranteed community facility and open space provision”. Noah said he “remains committed to the ongoing community discussion during the planning process.”

A spokesman for Noah Developments said: ‘We are delighted to have submitted this planning application, which will see the redevelopment of the site, half of which will be offered free of charge to the local community and the current pavilion building will be transformed into a new community center. , which can be used for a variety of local uses.

“The community will have direct ownership of these assets for the first time. We will continue to engage with the local community as we have done throughout the consultation process.”

A TREE-LINED civic square in the heart of the city with a café culture vibe could be the future look of George Square in Glasgow.

New images have been revealed today which show how George Square could be shaping up and are based on the opinions of locals.

The construction industry is a vital and sometimes overlooked part of the Scottish economy.

It contributes 6% to Scottish GDP and employs 6% of our workforce, putting its economic contribution just behind financial and insurance services but ahead of IT and communications and three times greater than that of agriculture, forestry and food.

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