How to Run a GTA Online Motorcycle Club

Biker clubs are a great source of friendship and money in GTA Online. Several years have passed since the GTA 4 DLC pack for Lost and Damned, and the presence of the biker gang can still be felt today. While they’ve lost power over the years, GTA Online players have gained it.

Motorcycle clubs are run by presidents whose job it is to find prospects and do the work of the club. Of course, this is not a business that can be done alone, at least in a profitable sense. That’s why GTA Online players need to round up some outlaws who break the rules.

How to Run a Motorcycle Club in GTA Online

This article explains the basics of running a club. And before they know it, motorcycle club presidents will be tearing it apart with rival factions; they just need a lot of money beforehand.

Buy a clubhouse

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This can only be done in a free mode lobby, and players will need to go to the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. Biker Clubs are relatively inexpensive properties by GTA Online standards, with prices ranging from $200,000 to $495,000. There are 12 clubs scattered across Los Santos and Blaine County, but players can only choose one.

The club name can still be changed through the Interaction menu, although it will cost $50,000.

Once players purchase the Motorcycle Club, they will receive a preview of Malc. He will walk you through the basics of running this business, including recreational activities and the job board.

How to recruit members in the Motorcycle Club

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Hiring multiple leads is a basic necessity for any motorcycle gang. Presidents will need to recruit members via the Interaction menu:

  • Scroll down and select MC President
  • Click Find Leads

GTA Online players can either choose random people from the server or invite their friends and crew. They may even try to entice members of the rival club to join them.

Motorcycle clubs can only accommodate a maximum of eight players, including the president himself.

Everyone has a role to play

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Motorcycle clubs have a hierarchical system in place. The MC President has the most power, but each has their own special abilities:

  • President: Can assign club roles and select riding formation
  • vice president: Can mark other players as targets and drop Bull Shark testosterone
  • road captain: Can request specific vehicles and set riding formation which can replenish motorcycle and player health when maintained
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Can request Ammo Packs or Molotov Cocktails
  • Executor: Can send a squad on players and drop body armor

Each club member can also participate in specific challenges, depending on their rank in GTA Online. And anyone can request a motorcycle or return it to the warehouse.

The main characteristics of a motorcycle club

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There are many things a player can do with this property:

  • The open road: Generate income from five different warehouses
  • Clubhouse contracts: Perform certain jobs for money and reputation
  • Club Challenges: Compete against rival clubs in a series of competitions

Ultimately, players in GTA Online will have to rely on teamwork. This will increase their overall productivity in the game. Best of all, it will also be a very rewarding experience for the group.

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