Humboldt Golf Club Seeks Funding for New Facility –

The Humboldt Golf Club is considering expanding its facilities and has approached the town of Humboldt for a loan for this purpose. The idea is to modify the existing tent facility that houses major golf club events like the Broncos Memorial Golf Tournament, Big Brothers Big Sisters Diva for a Day, and numerous outdoor events. The result will be a larger, more versatile facility that can accommodate larger events in Humboldt. One such event is the Hunter Brothers Concert, attached to this year’s Broncos Memorial Golf Tournament. The event center would be on the grounds of the golf course.

The golf club approached the city about a $150,000 loan. Any borrowing by the City requires a by-law adopted with a public notice of at least 10 days. The city council has accepted the report as a request and intends to present an affiliated settlement at a special meeting of council on April 11. If adopted, the loan would be for a period of 5 years. The total expected cost of the project is $513,000.

Speaking on the request, Mayor Michael Behiel suggested there may be other sources of funding the City may be able to provide for the project.

“While we are offering a loan agreement, we are considering other elements such as the benefits the event center will provide to the City for larger capacity events to take place indoors and outdoors. with the use of the golf club. If approved, there will be a discount to all other charities in the city to use the facility at a reduced cost.

The recommendation was adopted at Monday evening’s meeting.