Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club presents the famous jazz singer and composer MADELEINE PEYROUX on Tuesdays and Thursdays May 24 and 26 at 7:30 p.m.

Acclaimed jazz singer & Songwriter MADELEINE PEYROUX will perform at Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club on Tuesdays and Thursday May 24 & 26 to 7:30 p.m. Madeleine Peyroux joins Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club’s 2022 show schedule, which includes 7 NEA Jazz Masters, 33 GRAMMY® Award-winning artists, 32 Blues Music Award winners and a comprehensive roster of talented musicians with over 450 GRAMMY® Award nominations among them . Tickets for both Madeleine Peyroux shows are SOLD OUT, but a current list of 2022 shows can be found on Jimmy’s online events calendar at: http://www.jimmysoncongress.com/events.

PORTSMOUTH, NH, May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club Features acclaimed jazz singer and songwriter MADELEINE PEYROUX on Tuesday and Thursday May 24 & 26 to 7:30 p.m. This is Madeleine’s ‘Careless Love Forever’ world tour where she will perform songs from her hit album ‘Careless Love’.

Just like the songbird Edith Piaf, Madeleine Peyroux spent his teenage years roaming the bustling streets of Paris. Just like the “little sparrow”, Madeleine befriended the city’s street musicians and made her Latin Quarter her first performance stage. Years later, Peyroux cited the iconic Piaf as an influence on his music and recorded a rendition of the classic La Vie En Rose, emotionally capturing the romanticism and melancholy of the melody.

Born in Athens, Georgia in 1974, Madeleine “grew up in a house filled with music” and from an early age “instinctively realized the soothing power of music”, but it was her teenage years in the French capital that transformed the notion of childhood into a devouring vocation for life. Madeleine young moved to Paris with his mother in 1987 following his parents’ divorce. “To soothe me during the upheaval,” she recalled, “I was given a guitar and started playing in the streets almost immediately.”

The curious teenager started skipping school to hang out in the city’s Latin Quarter where street musicians lived, eager to learn more about their music and way of life. At 16, the intrepid teenager joined the Lost Wandering Blues and jazz band with whom she walked the streets of Europediscover Bessie Smith and billie holiday while “voraciously taking up all the songs and all the guitar playing” she could.

The two-year touring adventure set Madeleine on a lifelong creative path and proved to be a gateway to greater things. In 1991, the group traveled to New York where Madeleine’s unique talents were spotted by Atlantic Records Yves Beauvais. The young singer declined the musical director’s initial offer of a recording contract, but relented several years later and in 1996 her breakthrough album “Dreamland” was released.

‘Dreamland’ cemented Madeleine Peyroux as a “classic” musical talent who was here to stay, and the soul singer found herself touring the world, singing with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and opening for Cesaria Evora. Many tours weighed on Madeleine’s voice and the new jazz star failed to complete the recording sessions for her second Atlantic record. Unable to “earn money without singing”, Madeleine made several futile attempts at odd jobs, and soon “went into hibernation”.
The new millennium brought new hope with a return to the Big Apple and a deal with Sony Records, but the collaboration was short-lived. Madeleine was fired from the label in a move she remembers dealt a “big blow” to her ego. The provocative entertainer rolled up her sleeves, continued to perform on the streets, reserved herself in New York clubs through local promoters who remembered its Dreamland heyday and started collaborating with Guillaume Galisson.

Madeleine’s never-say-die spirit paid off. In 2003, she signed with Rounder Records and embarked on a game-changing, lifelong collaboration with the multi-GRAMMY producer. larry klein (Joni Mitchell, Walter Becker, Herbie Hancock). The prolific partnership now spans many years and has created universally acclaimed albums hailed by many as timeless classics.

For the original album single ‘Careless Love’, producer Klein and Jesse Harris co-wrote Madeleine’s signature song and many fan favorite, “Don’t Wait Too Long”. With sales of half a million copies, the album took Peyroux from the exclusive realm of jazz to mainstream.

Thirty years after her formative days on the street, Peyroux is the proud curator of nine alluring albums and an accomplished performer with sold-out world tours under her belt. His atmospheric version of Serge Gainsborough’s La Javanaise was used in the Oscar-winning soundtrack of The Shape of Water, and his countless accolades include the coveted “BBC International Artist Of The Year”.

Madeleine’s thirst for creative exploration continues unabated and her drive to take on creative challenges remains as strong today as it was three decades ago. With endearing passion and great curiosity, the unstoppable genre-defying virtuoso pursues her search for the good and examines life with treasure. Guillaume Congreve belief that music has charms to appease the wild beast.

“We are delighted to have Madeleine Peyroux put on two sold-out shows at Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club,” says Suzanne Bresette, General Manager of Programming at Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club. “Madeleine’s ‘Carless Love’ album is a wonderful jazz album. Giving her fans the opportunity to watch and hear her perform live – backed by the production, sound and lighting technologies of Jimmy’s tip – will make one for a memorable and unique experience!”

Tickets for famous jazz singer and composer MADELEINE PEYROUX at Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club on Tuesdays and Thursday May 24 & 26 to 7:30 p.m. are SOLD OUT.

Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club’s 2022 show schedule currently includes 7 NEA Jazz Masters, 33 GRAMMY® Award-winning artists, 32 Blues Music Award winners and a comprehensive roster of talented musicians with over 450 GRAMMY® Award nominations. To visit Jimmy’s Online Events Calendar for Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club 2022 program. To subscribe to Jimmy’s eNewsletter to stay informed about new jazz and blues artist announcements, tickets, special offers, Jimmy’s Sunday Jazz Brunch and much more.

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