Jorge Sánchez could leave Club América for Apertura 2022 as they grew tired of his mistakes

He is under contract until 2025.

Club América was eliminated in the semi-finals of Clausura 2022 as they couldn’t beat CF Pachuca at the Estadio Azteca and then lost on their visit to the Estadio Hidalgo, giving Los Tuzos the ticket to the final with a 4-1 aggregate.

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Although the defeat during their visit to Pachuca was only the second time that Las Águilas has lost with Fernando “Tano” Ortíz on the dugoutthey just had to finish their season, and will now have to watch the final on television.

Ortíz knows that although he found a solid education to face the matches he was in charge of Club América, there are still a few positions to strengthen have a strong participation in Opening 2022 from the start, unlike what they have done in the current season.

Jorge Sánchez started with Ortíz and Santiago Solari, he was involved in several mistakes that cost Club América points it could have helped them have a different result, especially at the start of the season, where he was usually out of place and losing his mark.

Sánchez could be on the move for Apertura 2022

His mistakes made him a transferable player for Emilio Azcárraga and Santiago Baños once the summer transfer window opened, although they know that given his status as International Mexican, they will be able to resell it for a sum higher than its market value.

According to reports from RG La Deportiva, Las Águilas are interested in acquiring Nicolás “Diente” López from Tigres given the poor performance Henry Martin and Federico Vinas had during Clausura 2022.

‘El Diente’ is looking to leave Tigres in search of more playing time and doesn’t see a dim view of arriving at América, although Los Felinos are not willing to let him go so easily as they seek to strengthen their defense on the process, which is why they are consider exchanging players.

Jorge Sanchez for Nicolás López

Ever since Miguel Herrera arrived at Tigres, he’s been trying to acquire players he has trusted since his time at Club AméricaJorge Sánchez being part of it, but given the high price that Las Águilas asks for him, around 10 million dollarsthey might not be able to acquire it, that’s why they want include ‘Diente’ López in the negotiation and make sure Sánchez arrives first with a loan with an option to purchase if all parties agree.

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