Lansing shuffleboard club innovates on February 1st

After a return to the drawing board, the developers behind the Lansing Shuffleboard and Social Club are ready to innovate in the old Lansing City Market.

Construction on the dining and entertainment venue is set to begin on February 1 after years of planning, redesign and delays due to the pandemic, price increases and supply chain issues.

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New renderings for the project show the planned indoor-outdoor shuffleboard pavilion, which will connect to the existing riverside patio and stage along the Grand River.

An interior rendering of the Shuffle Pavilion at the Lansing Shuffleboard and the Social Club.  Construction is slated to begin next month, and the site is slated to open in the summer of 2022.

“I’m looking for the lodge there that will become four seasons, open as long as possible throughout the year,” said Jonathan Hartzell, development director of Detroit Rising, the Livonia-based company behind the project. . “You connect to the river as you move, and you’re part of the river walk, and you’re outside getting as much fresh air as you can, but also having the option when it’s too warm. cold to close it. ”

Previous plans for the venue called for a mezzanine containing the shuffleboard courts, but now everything will be on one floor.

“It’s all of these zero-threshold access points,” Hartzell said. “All activations are on the first floor.”

All space, including shuffleboard courts, will be Americans with Disabilities Act compliant and have clear pathways.

A rendering of one of the bars planned at the Lansing Shuffleboard and Social Club.  Construction is slated to begin next month, and the site is slated to open in the summer of 2022.

According to the new floor plans, the space will contain seven restaurants, two bars, a main dining room, a private lounge and an ice cream bar. Originally, the place was to have eight restaurants but no ice cream counter.

The developers aren’t ready to announce the restaurants just yet, but Hartzell said they’ve been able to bring in people from all over Michigan who are excited to open their doors to Lansing.

“We bring in people of at least an hour and over who see Lansing as a great place to start a business,” he said. “[They’re] just fans of what we’re bringing to the area, and we’re excited for the summer. ”

The project was long in coming. The developers first discovered the space in 2019, and the city council approved the redevelopment project in 2020.

A rendering of the shuffleboard pavilion at the Lansing Shuffleboard and Social Club, which is slated to open in the summer of 2022. Construction is slated to begin next month.

“It’s been a long road for us and a lot of work behind the scenes,” said Hartzell. “A lot of conversations, a lot of work done by the city, a lot of different services in the region have really supported us.”

The developers were hosting a groundbreaking little event on the site on Friday, which Hartzell said would reflect the atmosphere of the site when it is finished.

“We just wanted to get together before anything started to get really torn up and bring local people together and thank them,” Hartzell said. “You have random people from communities sitting and hanging out at tables … that’s really what our concept stands for: that everyone can get together, different types of food, different demographics and you just do break bread and have a good evening. ”

Lansing Shuffleboard and Social Club is scheduled to open in summer 2022.

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