Latest Balcony Work Update at Atlantic City’s Ocean Club Condos

First Service Residential and Atlantic City, New Jersey Ocean Club Condominium General Manager David A. Laveson has written to all owners and residents to provide an update regarding ongoing balcony inspection work.

We got a copy of the letter. It reads:

Like most residents who have lived in the building this week know, it’s not Spiderman but an engineer from O&S Engineering that was hanging out of the building.

His investigation of the 1,000 balconies of the two
rounds will end today (Friday 15 April 2022).

We would like to thank all the owners for welcoming us to carry out this survey. Several owners have allowed engineers to tether and repel from their balconies to help accomplish this task.

The inspector will compile his data and by May 1 we will receive a list of balconies deemed safe and usable and balconies that will require repairs and will not be available.

We will certainly communicate this to all Owners when we receive and assess the data.

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Harry Hurley tsm

Harry Hurley TSM

In addition, we learned that the inspection of the 1,000 balconies of the two towers was completed.

They are currently studying and developing a plan to fix four balconies that have been identified as needing repair.

“The goal is to repair balconies in need of remediation in the fastest and most efficient way to restore full use to our owners,” according to the Laveson letter.

Laveson ended his communication by saying, “We have also learned that the City of Atlantic City has resumed granting Certificates of Occupancy on sale and rental units. We greatly appreciate the city working with us on this.

THE SOURCE: David A. Laveson, General Manager of First Service Residential and Ocean Club Condominium.

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