Latest Retail Innovations at Plumb Club Pavilion JCK Las Vegas

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — The Plumb Club Pavilion at JCK Las Vegas has brought together a group of companies with the latest ideas and products to help jewelry retailers in their day-to-day business and grow their sales. In addition to The Plumb Club’s usual offering of retail perks, such as a full business center and cafe, the collective, aptly called the Retail Innovation Center, will be housed at PC-240 in the pavilion. The group will focus on a variety of essential categories for the jewelry retailer.

Exhibits will include:

  • Leslie McGwire & Associates: Turnkey interior design assistance for new and remodeled spaces will be offered by award-winning commercial interior designer Leslie McGwire, who has won 25 national design awards, including the prestigious Salon Today and INSTORE Jewelry Store awards. . McGwire will be on hand to discuss with retailers how best to support a positive image and reputation for their brands and products.
  • Pickup Media: GemLightbox, a cutting-edge jewelry photography tool that only works with a smartphone, will be presented by Picup Media. Plus, an AI-powered jewelry image editing tool and the latest innovation, virtual augmented reality jewelry try-on software, which allows customers to view and try on jewelry anytime and anywhere. anywhere will be presented. Picup Media is a company that helps retailers tell stories and connect with their customers by creating studio-quality jewelry images and videos.
  • Glass-Media: The coolest cutting-edge digital display elements for jewelry stores including: 3D holograms, projection-based lighting, display-based pixel mapping, wireless charging, point of view displays digital sales and a variety of other bespoke visual solutions will be presented by Glass-Media, a group of visual storytellers, engineers and retail strategists passionate about bringing together movement, technology and design for store owners.
  • Resource center for jewelers: An immersive and discoverable 3D environment that provides a myriad of jewelry education and reference materials in a variety of learning methods, such as auditory, written, and visual formats, will be demonstrated. News headlines, reference materials (graphs/tables, articles, useful links) and jewelry-related service providers can also be viewed and searched. Guided virtual tours of the space will be offered. The Jewelers Resource Center, a revolutionary and useful exploration tool and reference guide, is a legacy gift from the Plumb Club. It is provided free to the entire jewelry industry with the aim of shaping the future of our industry through education provided by a variety of reputable and expert sources.

Lawrence Hess, Executive Director of the Plumb Club, says, “As the leading jewelry association, two of our primary missions are to ‘educate’ the industry and ‘innovate’ in this space. Today, we are all operating in the fastest-paced environment the industry has ever seen. Therefore, we felt it was important to bring together the best and newest innovative companies to help fulfill this mission. »

Additionally, The Plumb Club will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the JCK Las Vegas Show on Saturday, June 11 from 5:30-7 p.m. with a wine and cheese party, as well as a cake-cutting ceremony and a toast to the Show’s 30th anniversary.