Lawmakers cancel Republican club memberships over vaccine mandate enforcement

SSeveral Republican lawmakers are canceling their Capitol Hill Club memberships to protest the first Republican establishment that enforces the District of Columbia’s mandate that business customers present proof of COVID-19 vaccinations before entry.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is the latest and highest-ranking Republican to announce his boycott.

“Leaving the Capitol Hill Club: I will not be a member of any club that accepts an obligation to reveal your medical records,” Paul tweeted Friday.

Mayor Muriel Bowser’s vaccination mandate came into effect on January 15, when the club began complying with the order. Institutions that do not comply face increasing fines after accumulating the warnings, with $1,000 for the first fine, $2,000 for the second, etc.

Virginia Rep. Bob Good kicked off the club membership cancellation trend when he reportedly spoke in favor of boycotting the Capitol Hill Club for warrant enforcement at a Republican conference meeting of the Room last week, the hill reported.

“While I’m not leaking to the press what my colleagues say at these closed-door Republican meetings, I’m not afraid to say publicly that we should stand up and say ‘no’ to Mayor Bowser’s vaccination passports. , refuse to comply, and also remind him that Congress must ultimately approve DC’s budget,” Good said in a statement.

Over the next week, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, Texas Rep. Chip Roy, and Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale announced that they would be canceling their club membership.

“Republican organizations in the nation’s capital have a duty to be pillars of the values ​​for which we fight,” Gaetz said in a declaration.

The push does not have the support of the Republican leadership. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise said he would not boycott the club.

“I’m not penalizing the company for dumping it,” Scalise said at a news conference Wednesday. “I want to see us challenge these – these mandates. Mandates should not be imposed on people.


The Capitol Hill Club, located near the House office buildings and adjacent to the Republican National Committee headquarters, was founded in 1951 by congressional Republicans. It remains a prime venue for events and social gatherings for GOP members of Congress and those who hope to influence them.

At least one restaurant in Washington is openly defying the vaccine mandate: the Big Board, a hamburger restaurant and bar located about a mile from the Capitol. He has already received a warning for this.