Local organization discusses mental health resources with Charlotte Brewery Young Runners Club

Therapists from Presbyterian Psychological Services met with a young running club at the Triple C Brewery on October 20 to discuss the important link between mental and physical health.

Presby Psych is a nonprofit mental health resource that offers free or low-cost therapy to young professionals.

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One of their therapists, Patrick Collins, said after the pandemic, young people and other groups stopped connecting their mental and physical health. By visiting clubs with active youngsters, he hopes to make that connection in a safe and social setting.

“We’re targeting breweries and running clubs because a lot of young people care about their physical health, but may struggle with their mental health,” Collins said. “Our goal is to strengthen this bond.”

Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in anxiety, depression and other mental health issues among young adults. A recent national survey showed that 26% of respondents aged 18-24 have seriously considered suicide due to triggers such as isolation, job loss, fear of serious illness and disruption of routines. daily.

For more information on upcoming events and resources, please visit www.presbypsych.org.

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