Longview 4H Beef Club Show and Sale Returns In-Person Monday – OkotoksOnline.com

The highly anticipated return of an in-person beef show and sale for the Longview 4H Beef Club is back this Monday, May 23rd.

Every year they donate an ox and put it up for auction and once again they have chosen the High River District Health Care Foundation.

Ross Lewis with the club explains how the don steer works.

“Every year a family in our 4H club raises an extra ox and we choose a local charity to donate it to and then we send the kids. They look for donations, we pool all that money and when we have the auction, we’re buying this steer as Eastern Slopes Philanthropists, and then we’ll give it back.”

This will be the first time the show and sale will be done in person since the pandemic.

Ross Lewis’ son Kaiden is the one who bred this year’s steer named ‘Knuckles’.

“He was born on February 17 as a premature twin and his legs weren’t working properly, he was a little bent, his hooves were folding and he was walking on his joints for probably the first month of his life. We put on casts on his legs i bottle fed him for the first two weeks until we could find a mother because his mother didn’t have enough milk for him put him on the jersey cow and he started growing like a weed.”

The show and sale takes place on Victoria Day, Monday May 23, with the show starting at 1:00 p.m. with dinner to follow at 5:00 p.m., then the sale starts at 6:00 p.m. and everything takes place at High Lands of the Ag River.