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JACKSONVILLE, Fla – The Mascaras Gentlemen’s Club, an adult entertainment venue off Southside Boulevard, has announced its final night of activity on the last night of 2021.

The club has been open for 13 years, and for many neighbors it’s been a thorn in the side from day one, but the owner says these complaints have nothing to do with the club.

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“It’s just hell between the lack of peace at night … will drive you crazy to wake up any time of the night,” said a neighbor who lives nearby.

The club has been facing problems for months, and city council members as well as neighbors have long wanted to shut down.

Just a few months ago, a few club workers spoke at a city council meeting to explain why they should stay open.

But the place was posted on social media to let people know it was officially shutting down.

” We are always here. Mascaras is just a building. We are mascaras, ”said Frank Coleone, owner of Mascaras.

For many neighbors, it is a hopeful start to the year.

“I still can’t believe it because I’ve heard so many things so many times and there are still ways around it,” said a neighbor. “I think I’ll be happier when it’s all said and done.”

Neighbors wanted to protect their identities for their safety, but they say living near the club has made normal life nearly impossible.

“It’s just very stressful living nearby and very stressful knowing if you are going to sleep and work well at work,” the neighbor said.

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They are not the only ones complaining. The city passed an ordinance designating the club as a public nuisance in September – an order the club fought.

“We weren’t a nuisance. Honestly, the city is a nuisance, ”Coleone said.

The order was passed using the club’s criminal history as an example.

“There are three people shot, I walk into my yard and I see a gun in my yard. It’s crazy. There are two little boys who live right next to me, ”said a neighbor.

The owner says the crimes are not the club’s fault.

“We’ve had murders and murders in the area and they’re still trying to find a way to say that’s where it’s coming from. But the whole city took care of it, ”said Coleone.

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Ultimately, the owner says all of these complications aren’t the reason the club is shutting down.

“You know, we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs. The city tried to shut us down, I thought against that, beat that, ”Corleone said.

“We’ve had murders and murders in the area and they’re still trying to find a way to say that’s where it’s coming from. But the whole city took care of it.

He says it’s actually the insurance of the club that used the mascaras. All of these incidents made the price too high.

“Without insurance I cannot operate,” Corleone said.

Neighbors say they are just hoping that if the club closes, something positive will take its place.

“Hopefully something happens that ends up being a good deal or whatever for the neighborhood,” said a neighbor.