Mayor of Orrville salutes the city’s achievements in 2021, the Boys, Girls Club is ready for the new year

KeOntae Owens explains the new programs and events taking place at the Orrville Area Boys & Girls Club.

Orville City Council

Session of Tuesday, January 18

“It’s a youth night,” Security Service Director Steven Wheeler said at the Orrville City Council meeting on Tuesday.

Council heard a presentation by Ke Ontae Owens, the director of Community and Teen Engagement, at Orrville Area Boys and Girls Club. Owens spoke about the progress of the Teen Project which was launched last year.

“Our mission statement is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential and become productive, caring and responsible citizens,” he said.

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Owens said Operation Night Hawk, which had about 90 participants, was one of last year’s successful events. As the number of daily attendees grew, the OABGC extended hours of operation for teens. They can do different activities and benefit from homework support.

Future events and programs will begin with Gather ‘N Paint night on Friday. Other plans include Money Matters, Girls on the run, suicide prevention programs, Smart Girls, Passport to Manhood and Triple Play.

Mayor reviews city highlights for 2021

Mayor Dave Handwerk said working from home can be a concern for people when filing 2021 tax returns because paying taxes ‘where you live’ instead of ‘where your job is’ will be a hit. tough for cities with industrial and office jobs. However, there have been more upsides than downsides, he said.

“We’ve had another very productive year here in Orrville,” Handwerk said, noting that several businesses have grown. Hardwood Solutions, Zimmerman Steel and the Bell Store gas station were mentioned.

He said Dunkin’ Donuts will soon start construction on the High Street.

In acknowledging construction projects completed in 2021, the mayor highlighted the Story Book Trail, the Gateway Project and the renovation of the Rehm Pavilion.

“Here, we hope that 2022 will be a year of COVID blows and more people can return to work and employers can find and keep employees,” Handwerk said.

Also mention:

  • • Council will continue the asphalt street resurfacing project in 2022.

  • • The federal government has released a website from which people can get home COVID test kits for free. It’s

  • • A new project in Orr Park will begin soon with Wisconsin Lighting Lab Co. to add streetlights to the Orr Park ball diamond. Construction should be completed in early July.

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