Meeting report: Nick Stoner Senior Citizens Club, December 7

CAROGA – The December 7 meeting was opened by President Marylou Paterson at 12:33 pm. Marylou read an inspiring poem. Marylou Paterson then led everyone in the Our Father and the Flag Oath was taken.
The Secretary’s report was presented by Janice McLaughlin. Motion to be accepted by Martha Mongato and 2nd by Dottie Richeson and accepted as read.
The Treasurer’s Report was delivered by Barbara MacFee and returned for verification.
The welcome report and the Sunshine report have been submitted. Refreshments for the next meeting will be provided by Janice McLaughlin and Jeannine Schwartz.
Grace Eglin will call Brown Coach to see if there will be an expo this year.
Thank you notes were received from North Bush Church, Food Pantry and Lorraine Bleyl.
A motion was presented by Janice Mc Laughlin and seconded by Jeannine Schwartz to send a check to the janitor at the town hall for all his help.
It was decided to continue the meetings in January and February.
It was also decided that when traveling, any guest accompanying a member will pay the regular member price plus $ 10. If the club helps members with the costs, that won’t change.
Marie Eaton will be 100 years old and we voted to send her a card. There are a bunch of calendars etc. on the table for all who want it. Grace Eglin mentioned that Sharon Fenstermacher was having a hard time looking after her husband. Dottie Richeson has a new great-grandchild.
Adjournment motion moved by John Schwartz and seconded by Marie Shoop. Meeting adjourned.