Milkrun launches Lonely Carts Club campaign

Milkrun has launched a new campaign through its in-house creative team, Lonely Carts Club, addressing the issue of abandoned carts.

The announcement:

10-minute grocery delivery app Milkrun has just launched a new campaign to fight abandoned carts by creating the “Lonely Carts Club”, an emo group featuring an avocado, an egg, a tomato and a banana – all commonly discontinued items.

With somber scenes as a backdrop, the dark fruits and vegetables sing their “heart” on their debut single, Abandoned, which is about how much it sucks to be left all alone in the limbo of a shopping cart. Towards the end, they reiterate the brand’s 10-minute delivery message as well as a final plea to be reunited with their one true customer.

Will the anthropomorphism of fresh produce be enough to influence customers at checkout? Perhaps. Will Abandoned get stuck in your head? Most likely. Lonely Carts Club will be rolling out to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube starting Monday, May 2.

The Milkrun app does your shopping for you – customers can buy thousands of products and have them e-biked to their doorstep in 10 minutes (or less). Unlike other delivery services, Milkrun is not part of the gig economy and offers secure employment for its Riders. This means that riders have access to all applicable benefits (like sick leave and insurance), as well as the best bike safety training and e-bikes and riding gear provided by Milkrun.

Source: Milkrun