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SUPERIOR – Eddie’s Supper Club at 5221 E. Fourth St. is under new management. Ben and Mary Anderson took over the venerable Superior business, which dates back to the late 1880s, in August.

A sign one block from Eddie’s Supper Club displays the restaurant’s new logo on Friday, September 16.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram

In addition to world-famous ribs and traditional menu items, the couple plans to add lighter fare, more salads and sandwiches for dinner, even vegetarian options like a wild rice burger. The bar now serves a host of craft beers and specialty drinks. Shirts and other merchandise are available with Eddie’s new logo; even the billboards have been updated.

“It’s always been a supper club,” Ben said, but that’s changing over time. “For us, it’s a modern supper club.”

All but one of Eddie’s former employees remained during the transition; the Andersons hired more people, and currently the supper club employs 20. Their motto for the company is “Welcome to Eddie’s, where every flavor tells a story.”

From Solon Springs to NYC and back

Mary Anderson’s story began in Solon Springs and brought her to New York for restoration on TV and movie sets before returning to Northland. She checked off sets she had worked on, from “Sex and the City” to “30 Rock” and “Sesame Street.” She also honed her skills at restaurants in Brooklyn, Weehawken and Manhattan. Local diners may have tasted his cooking. at Aces on the 29th and Thirsty Pagan Brewing.

“I have 12 years of experience, from dishwasher to oyster shucker to manager and supervising our kitchen,” said Mary, whose maiden name was Pollock.

092722.N.ST.Eddies bar 1.JPG
New owners Mary and Ben Anderson stand behind the bar at Eddie’s Supper Club on Friday September 16.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram

She also has a long-standing connection with Eddie’s. His best friend growing up was the nephew of former owner Dina Ryan.

“Growing up, we always came here. He was always talking about Eddie. I’ve known that since I was 4 years old,” Mary said.

Plus, the Andersons are carrying on the Ryan family tradition. In addition to the couple, Mary’s mother has hired herself as a baker to prepare the desserts and Ben’s mother takes care of all the flowers.

“Everyone helped paint, so it’s pretty cool because our whole family was involved,” Mary Anderson said.

When she and her husband Ben considered buying their own restaurant, Eddie’s was one of two on their shortlist. They started talking to Ryan about buying the Superior supper club in February. They hoped to close on May 1, which marked Ryan’s 26th year at the helm of the company.

092722.N.ST.Eddie's building.JPG
Eddie’s Supper Club at 5221 E. Fourth St. in Superior, introduced Friday, Sept. 16, has changed ownership since August.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram

It took them until August 3 to sign the papers and realize their dream; they opened on August 12. The process involved getting help from the Entrepreneurs Fund and the Small Business Development Center as well as partnering with local lender Superior Choice Credit Union.

“A lot of people don’t think much of credit unions for business loans,” said Eric Anderson (no relation), commercial loan officer for the credit union.

He was able to secure off-the-beaten-track financing — a 7a loan from the Federal Small Business Association — to help the Andersons buy Eddie’s.

“This particular loan program really helps businesses like this where … borrowers are new. This reduces down payment requirements to 10% from vastly different figures if we were to. So that made the down payment realistic and it also gives the bank some security because we have an SBA guarantee,” Eric said.

092722.N.ST.Eddies exterior full.JPG
New owners Ben and Mary Anderson pose outside Eddie’s Supper Club, 5221 E. Fourth St., in Superior on Friday, September 16.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram

By lowering the down payment and making it easier for borrowers to post collateral, the federal loan helps level the playing field for entrepreneurs who don’t have a lot of cash on hand, he said.

Ben and Mary also recommended working with the Small Business Development Center and the Entrepreneur Fund, which offered expertise, help with a business plan and a loan.

Eddie’s Supper Club is currently open from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, with fish fries offered Thursday and Friday evenings. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are suggested, especially for Friday and Saturday meals. Visit the

Eddie’s Facebook page

for more information.

092722.N.ST.Eddie's interior.JPG
Half of the Eddie’s Supper Club building, including the bar featured on Friday, September 16, has been renovated since new owners Ben and Mary Anderson bought it.

Maria Lockwood / Upper Telegram