NFT Tiger Being Private Travel Club Membership Launches in Asia

Tiger Being claims a first with the launch of a private NFT (non-fungible token) travel club membership in Asia.

The latest blend of virtual and real worlds, with one foot in travel, allows members access to hotel, airline, private yacht and other offerings via an “NFT pass”.

A presale of Tiger Being’s collection of over 4,000 NFTs, which is on the Solana blockchain, will take place on March 31.

Starting in April, token holders can “mint” or transact with the tokens.

Holders of Tiger Being NFT automatically become members of the club and their token becomes “a potential entry ticket to various exclusive experiences”.

Experiences include rooms at top Hong Kong hotels that are reserved for long-term members, a private boating experience, and a private travel-themed feast.

Some Tiger Being tokens are rarer than others, allowing members to combine tokens of different value to upgrade their membership for greater benefits.

The organization is also creating a community on Discord to encourage members to share their travel and lifestyle experiences.

Other travel agencies and startups are also exploring the potential of NFTs with company PhocusWire Hot 25 Startups 2022 Travala announcing a token-based travel rewards program in January.

Meanwhile, travel rewards company Flycoin recently announced an investment of more than $33 million in seed funding and Lynkey launched the digitization of luxury resorts and travel experiences.

Latvian airline AirBaltic recently released its ninth digital art-based NFT on the Opensea token market.