NIC wins close physical battle against prisons

East African Netball Club Championship 2022:


  • jails 44-49 NICs
  • JKU 29-81 KCCA
  • UPDF 38-47 tamasini
  • JKT Mbweni 36-42 Uhamiaji


  • JKU 30-55 University of Kampala (KU)

The National Insurance Corporation (NIC) Group A encounter against Prisons at the 2022 East Africa Netball Club Championship came through.

The cracker of sorts was well-tracked, delivered the sparks, the emotions, and the physical component of the game.

As of the close of business, NIC won the battle 49-44 at the Kamwokya Community Sports Grounds in Kampala City.

Prisons drew first blood 13-12 to top the first quarter.

Late in the first quarter, NIC lost center Margaret Bagala who limped off with a sprained leg but returned to private.

NIC recovered to win the second quarter 24-22 at halftime of the game.

Veteran goaltender Rachael Nanyonga was introduced for the belay team early in the third quarter.

NIC further extended their lead by four goals 37-33 at the end of the third quarter.

The lead was held for the 49-44 victory with NIC sharp scorer Stella Oyella contributing a record 34 goals.

The imposing goalkeeper of the prisons Christine Kango Namulumba scored 31 goals.

“We lost the first quarter because we made so many mistakes. It took us a long time to warm up, but I’m happy to have won the game,” Oyella noted.

Other results:

KCCA humiliated JKU Zanzibar 81-29 to book a place against Prisons in the semi-finals.

UPDF lost 38-47 to Tanzanian side Tamasini while JKT Mbweni lost 36-42 to Uhamiaji.

Tamasini will face defending champions NIC in the other semi-final showdown.

In the men’s match, Kampala University (KU) defeated JKU 55-30.

The semi-finals will be played on Friday 13and May 2022 with the peak of the championship the next day.

Top scorers:

  • Stella Oyella (NIC) – 176
  • Christine Kango Namulumba (Prisons) – 149
  • Lillian J. Ndenzako (Tamisemi) – 116
  • Theopista Mafulu (JKT Bweni) – 103
  • Muhameed M. Hanisha (KCCA) – 84
  • Fatma Machenga (Uhamiagi) – 66 years old
  • Shadiah Ssegujja Nassanga (KCCA) – 52 years old
  • Haji Dawa (JKU) – 48 years old
  • Kevin Abe (UPDF) – 44 years old
  • Shadiah Ssegujja Nassanga (KCCA) – 37 years old