Nordland Garden Club launches Christmas wreath sale

The Nordland Garden Club is accepting prepayment orders for decorated wreaths and garlands until Friday, October 28.

“The sale of beautiful wreaths and garlands has been an important fundraiser for the club for years and allows the club to maintain its clubhouse, which it shares for local groups, memorial services, birthdays, reunions family, etc.”, said

Tori Hansen, Holiday Fundraising Co-Chair.

“Repeat orders and new orders are sincerely appreciated,” added Hansen.

Wreaths and Garlands can be individualized upon request for a theme (Seashells, Seahawks, etc.) and specific color bow on cool greens.

“Club members will make bows and decorate fresh greens with local cones, walnuts, holly, cedar and other ornaments,” Hansen said.

Prices range from $30 for loot, which can be decorated horizontally or vertically, to $40 for crowns.

Club members note that many horizontal swags were purchased to be placed on the graves of those who were lost.

To place an order, leave a message at Nordland Garden Club 306-385-5122 or email

The clubhouse will be open this year for pickup or custom order pickup, between 1:30 p.m. and 4 p.m., Tuesday, November 15 through Friday, November 18.

Free local delivery is also available.