Opening of a new yacht club this spring in Bellingham

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — A new location for a national yacht club will drop anchor in Bellingham this spring.

The Freedom Boat Club, which has several locations along the Washington coast, will officially open on May 1 in the Port of Bellingham.

Franchise owner Shawn Ottenbreit, who also owns the club’s Anacortes site, says their extensive network is what sets them apart from other clubs.

“We have the biggest fleet,” Ottenbreit said. “We have over 4,000 boats and 300 sites around the world. Thus, members can use any of these locations.

Members can enjoy a wide variety of boats, including pocket cruisers and bowriders.

“We are going to start at Bellingham with a very good mix of new boats in the 20-25ft range,” Ottenbreit said.

He adds that their members will be trained by certified instructors on how to operate their vessel of choice.

He says the convenience of not having to maintain a boat is a big selling point for their members.

“The combination of being able to train people and getting them comfortable on a boat, while having a vessel big enough for them to enjoy and perform well in local waters,” Ottenbreit said. “They can go out and enjoy the San Juan Islands.”

More information about the Freedom Boat Club is available on their website.