Pavo Civic Club prepares for the Peacock Festival | Local News

The Pavo Civic Club will host the 35th Annual Peacock Festival, or Peacock Day, on May 14 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 2061 West McDonald St.

Jimmy Brock, the newly elected president of the Pavo Civic Club, said the event was started by Ruby Lee Johnson, a local librarian, in 1988 to fund community stalwarts like the library.

“After the first year, they ended up giving it away to the Pavo Civic Club,” Brock said, “and now we’re raising money for the school and for the library.”

The money also goes to other events organized by the Pavo Civic Club in the city, according to Brock.

“We do a lot of community projects. We have community dances, we have a food bank, we have a basketball tournament every year,” he said. “We’re non-profit, so we give it back to the community.

The festival will include a parade, cake walk, door raffles, slow softball tournament, homemade quilt raffle, OneBlood Big Red Bus for blood donations and various vendors selling food, drink and an assortment of jewelry, candles, and other things.

For the parade, Granvil Jones will act as Grand Marshal.

According to Brock, Charlie the Peacock, Pavo’s mascot, will be in attendance along with other peacocks from a farm owned by Pavo local Elaine Dick. Live entertainment will also be provided by Winds of Change, a classic rock cover band from South Georgia.

Two different clogging groups, JCS Cloggers and Hahira Cloggers, will also be present.

Elected last February, Brock said hosting the festival, along with the other 25 members of the Pavo Civic Club, was an enjoyable experience and resonated with his history as a supervisor.

According to him, the Peacock Festival offers an experience that other festivals do not always offer.

“One is the hometown appeal. It’s a bit laid back. It’s a country setting, under the oak trees,” he said, “you know, it’s a lot of fun. We try to do things for all ages.

He added that during the festival they would honor a veteran or a retired veteran.

For more information, contact Jimmy Brock at (229) 264-1486 or visit the festival website at

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