Penobscot Salmon Club fundraiser postponed

The Penobscot Salmon Club is a historic private fishing club located on North Main Street and the Penobscot River in Brewer, Maine.

Founded in 1887 and incorporated in 1894, it is the oldest fishing club in the United States. The building was erected in 1923.

The Penobscot Salmon Club occupies a 12-acre largely forested property north of downtown Brewer, roughly across from Bangor Hospital.

The site is located beside a shoal of the Penobscot River which has long been known for its productive fishing. This is called a ‘Sweet Spot’

You may have heard of an information night with a silent auction and fundraising dinner planned for this week.

This evening scheduled for Wednesday 12 evening has been postponed.

Penobscot Salmon Club says

“It is with great regret that we postpone our January 12th annual meeting and fundraiser. We don’t want to put our members or guests at risk in light of the lingering concerns of Covid and its variants. “

The planned evening has been postponed to April 13e. All planned fundraising events will take place on this date. For updates, follow the Penobscot Salmon Club Facebook page.


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