Pens for breast cancer research at Club Scotts – News Of The Area

A selection of handmade pens by Noel Stahlhut on sale at Club Scotts on Sunday in support of breast cancer research.

PENS for Breast Cancer Research is a charitable venture started by Noel Stahlhut, who will be bringing his handmade writing instruments to Club Scotts this Sunday, June 5.

Thanks to a friend, making Christmas pens for a purpose caught the eye of Club Scotts president/president Laura Peisley.

Noel is a talented and generous man from Sawtell who makes handmade pens to raise money for breast cancer research, pledging a base amount each month to the National Breast Cancer Foundation plus $5 per pen sold.

“Noel makes these beautiful pens and donates $5 from every pen he sells to breast cancer research,” Laura told News Of The Area.

“There’s a mixed pairs bowling carnival at the Scotts Club on Sunday, so I decided to do an impromptu fundraiser.

“There will be a few old people playing, but I would like to inform the rest of the community to come and buy a pen.”

Noel brings the three models of pens he makes.

“I do three different types; a thin wood and acrylic, a bolt-action bullet in an NRL-colored acrylic, and the Sierra pen, which is an attractive pen, more of a women’s pen,” Noel told NOTA.

“I’m looking forward to Sunday.

“It’s not often that one of the clubs gives you this kind of opportunity,” he said.

Noel is passionate about the cause due to close friends who have suffered the trauma of breast cancer and believes that by supporting breast cancer research he can contribute to the overall goal of curing all cancer.

“Noel was personally commended for his efforts by the CEO of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and together we would like to contribute to the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission of ‘zero breast cancer deaths by 2030,'” said Laura.

Thanks to medical research, breast cancer contained in the breast is now largely treatable.

Since the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) began funding research in 1994, five-year breast cancer survival rates have risen from 76% to 91%.

This is a clear finding from the research, according to NBCF.

“Despite the progress, there is still a long way to go and we need the community to come together,” Laura said.

“The Scotts Club would like to invite members and guests to support this cause by coming to the club between 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 5 to purchase a pen.”

The pens come with a Parker insert and range from $8 to $20.