Residents express frustration over change in tennis club management

Effective May 1, the management company of FishHawk Ranch Tennis Club changed from The Tennis Connection to Tipsarevic Luxury Tennis.

Greg Betza was a nonresident member of the FishHawk Ranch Tennis Club for nearly two years, commuting with his wife and son for lessons and games.

Betza hadn’t played tennis in years, but wanted to get back into the sport during COVID-19. He searched the area and joined the FishHawk Ranch Tennis Club because of the quality of the courts and their seasoned staff. Soon after, his wife, who had never played organized sports, started taking group lessons and fell in love with the sport. His son also started taking lessons, both group and private, and joined the club’s tennis team.

One day he realized that his family spent so much time in FishHawk that they might as well live closer to the courts, so he bought a house in the neighborhood. “One of the main reasons we moved here was because we played so much tennis and it was just more convenient to live closer to the club, and the costs would be included in our CDD,” he said. declared.

The same week they moved, he learned that Dave Freiman, owner of The Tennis Connection and manager of the FishHawk Ranch Tennis Club, would soon be replaced by Tipsarevic Luxury Tennis.

“We were so pleased with Dave and his team and the way they ran the club that we were surprised a change was made,” he said. “We were on our way to the club when we heard the news that a new manager was coming, and when we arrived at the club, it was just a surreal moment. Families started showing up, and it was a moment. of sadness and disbelief.

Betza had signed a petition in favor of the current manager, but FishHawk Ranch’s CDD board of directors voted to change after receiving several proposals from other companies. Proposals were submitted by Tipsarevic Luxury Tennis, Arch Amenities Group, PNW Wellness, Rizzetta Amenity, Boom Boom Management, Scott Smith Tennis and The Tennis Connection.

CDD board members voted to accept the proposal from Tipsarevic Luxury Tennis. The company was founded in 2013 and is led by Janko Tipsarevic, who reached a career-high number eight on the Association of Tennis Professionals circuit. Other clubs run by the company are in Dubai, Cancun, Montenegro and Berlin. According to its proposal, the company will provide a world-class tennis program for all ages and all levels, a high level of customer service and satisfaction, a professional shop stocked with the best brands, maintenance of facilities and matches. optional exhibition. He offered a three-year deal that included three resident tennis professionals (a director of tennis, a head pro, and a first assistant pro) who would be paid by the CDD (a total of $60,000 per year). Thirty percent of the club’s total revenue will be donated to CDD.

CDD District Attorney Vivek Babbar said the change was necessary for CDD to remain compliant with updated IRS guidelines for tax-exempt entities.

“Due to updates from the IRS, we needed to make sure we were in compliance with their rules,” he said. “The CDD board has been instructed to make the decision it believes is in the best interests of the neighborhood and its residents. He had to regain control of this equipment and all its aspects.

The distribution of income has been very favorable to the district, Babbar said.

Tipsarevic started his contract on May 1. It is already offering registration for junior and adult clinics in May as well as summer camps starting Tuesday, May 31.

Car Betza said the club’s future is uncertain but he hopes the new manager will deliver the same level of service he expects from the club.

“I hope for the best,” he said. “But if it doesn’t work here, it will be a shame, but we will have to look elsewhere for a tennis program.”

For more information on Tipsarevic Luxury Tennis, visit For more information about FishHawk Ranch CDD, call Halifax Solutions management company president Eric Dailey at 813-575-1955.