Rockford Skating Club looking forward to a great 2022

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – “There is no offseason in ice skating,” said Rockford Skating Club President Jennifer Fleming.

RSC is finding its stride after battling the pandemic for the past two years, the team is back on the ice and enjoying success.

“We’re starting at the peak of our competitive season, so we start competing every month, so some of these kids are on the ice six days a week, some come before school, some come after and they put the hours to go to competitions,” Fleming said.

Last month, the team competed in the 25th annual Compete USA competition in Wisconsin, with ten RSC members finishing in the top five of their respective events, and five of those skaters finishing in first place.

“We had a really successful start to the season, we got a lot of metal a few weekends ago, they had really nice clean skates, and some of the kids even started new programs that had harder elements for them. that was really good to see them so well,” Fleming said.

For the first year of Jaidon Hastings High School, she will compete in her first competition in four years, after dealing with coaching changes and the pandemic

“It’s the first competition I’ll do in four years because I haven’t competed in four years, so that’s pretty significant,” Hastings said.

And for her teammate Brooke Claerbout, she is inspired by her own team to move forward

“It’s really cool to see people inspired and trying new things and going out and finding their passion and their stuff,” Claerbout said.

“Some of the skaters come up and say, ‘Well, I saw this skater do this move, can I try it? When can I learn it? it really piques their interest and they are excited about their sport,” Fleming said.

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